Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fall Race Plans

There are so many races that take place in the fall, how do you choose?

For me, I know I'll be doing our local Harvest race with my dad because it's become a tradition. That of course is coming up here in September.  I of course will want to do a "bigger" race as well.  Last year I ran Disney's Wine and Dine race as my big fall race.

Since completing the goal of running all the Disney races, I've set a goal to run some bigger city races.  I started that goal off this year by running the NYC Half and have made a mental list of some other "city" races I'll want to do in the coming years.  I thought Baltimore would be a good one to put on that list.

The Baltimore Running Festival is coming up in October and there are are a variety of races to choose from.  I MAY do another marathon at some point but now is not that point so I got together with some running friends you may know (Ana, Heather, and Megan) and we are going to do the Marathon Relay!  Our team name is East Coast Bloggers!  Even though our team is complete, there may be some others that will come down to run one of the races.

Of course there may be a few local 5K's that I might throw in the mix this fall but Baltimore is what I am most excited for and what I am training for.  I love the relay because I know that I am part of a team and that keeps me accountable! They are depending on me so I better get my butt out there and get in gear.  If I don't train properly, it's not just my race that suffers, it's theirs too!  But I know my team mates are really great and any of them would be happy to pick up the pace if any one of us was struggling.  Of course I would do the same.

When I ran the NYC Half earlier this year I documented all my runs and then it was fun to look back over them and remember each one. I am hoping to do the same as I train for Baltimore!

What race are you looking forward to this fall?
If you'll be in the area for any of the Running Festival, let us know! -M

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