Monday, September 25, 2017

Doggone truths from the trail

I mentioned earlier about us taking Baylee out in her cart.  I bought this cart (the comfort wagon) last fall because I was spending too much time out on the trail during the weekends and I was feeling guilty about always leaving Baylee at home.  During Marathon training Scott and I had a good system where he would ride his bike beside me while I ran. I thought by buying a cart, Baylee could join in on the family fun!  We only ended up using it once last fall. I was determined to use it more this year.

Friday night was our “trial” run since she hadn’t been in the cart since last fall.
We waited till the sun went down so it wasn’t so hot for her and then took her to the park. The cart is really easy to assemble as it just “pops up” and then we have to put on the wheels and then connect it to the bike. It really is easy peasy. We put in one of Baylee’s dog beds so she does have some comfort in there.   Scott pulled the cart while I ran beside her. There were times that she seemed to be content and then moments where I could tell she wasn’t loving it.  Scott said she just needed to get use to it. We would take it to the trail early the next morning and see how she did.

bike cart for dogs Yellow lab Baylee

Saturday morning we got up early and drove the cart and the bike to the rail trail.  We put her in and off we went.  We didn’t want to be too far away from our vehicle just in case we ran into any problems, so we decided to start at mile two, and ride a little ways down and then go back up the other direction and ride a little ways. In all it would give us 4 miles.

We would like to get to the point where we can unzip the little windows in the cart so Baylee can lay down and look out but today was not that day. She would go back and forth between sitting and standing but never was comfortable enough to lay down and relax.

We got to the first mile and decided to take a quick break. I used the restroom and Baylee had a drink.  Of course everyone that passed us on the trail thought her being in the cart was just the cutest thing.

bike wagon for dogs

As we rode back the other way, she was being antsy again. I only had the top flap open so she could stick her head out but there were times where I thought she might try to jump out, I had to keep patting her head and telling her she was a good dog as I ran beside her.

I Really wanted Baylee to enjoy riding in the cart because this would be a great way for our little family to spend time together but the truth is, I don’t think she likes it and I think I know why.  To her, she is an abled bodied dog.  She doesn’t realize that she has health problems. She likes to walk and run. She is still able to do both, but she should not be running.  She sees me running beside her (or in front or behind) and I think she wants to do it too. She is probably wondering Why am I in this box? I want to be out there running with my mama. I wonder if she sees being in the cart as a punishment?

For this reason, we did not continue our four miles and stopped at only 2.3. Besides, it was getting hot out and I can imagine it was even hotter in the cart since the windows had to be kept up.
I just wanted her to be able to join me in my happy place.

 After putting her through the stress of the cart and the trail, we took her home and left her swim.  I should have known that this right here is her happy place.   -M

                                           We will be linking up with the gals from TOTR.

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