Friday, September 29, 2017

September Runfessions!

Well, we made it through the month of September!  September is the month I probably look forward to the least because it signifies the end of summer. It's back to work, back to wearing REAL clothes, pants, and closed toe shoes.  However, this September felt like an extension of our summer. I can honestly say I have not even worn long pants yet (except for that evening I had to wear them in 90 degree weather to go up in the hot air balloon that never happened).   Of course the heat does not make for good running, but all that sunshine sure makes me happy!  That brings me to the Runfessions for this month.

1. Even though it put a damper on long distance running, I  Runfess I wasn't even mad about the heat this month!

2. Which makes me glad that I don't have a long distance race on my calendar for fall. I'm doing a marathon relay.  If I was doing anything longer than what my leg of the race would be, I'd be really far behind on my training.

3. I did signed up for that Monster Dash Halloween 5k!  I'll be running that with my mom. I haven't done a Halloween themed race since Wicked a few years back. I really want to dress in costume yet something easy to run in. Any suggestions?

4. Speaking of races, I was really bummed out for my sister this week. She BQ-ed last year at the Chicago Marathon and signed up for Boston last week.  She was under the cut off time by at least 3 minutes.  Turns out even with that cushion, she still didn't make it in.

5. Remember that Color Run I ran in August?  I won 2nd place in my Age Group but they didn't have enough medals. Well, I finally got the medal in the mail the other week.  It's nice to get mail, but it's definitely not the same as receiving it at a race. This may be the only medal I've never worn.

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