Friday, September 1, 2017

The end of summer

As Labor day approaches it's that time to reflect on what we accomplished over the summer. How did summer treat you? Was it relaxing? Was it Busy? Was it just crazy and you are glad to be back to a schedule?

It's no secret that I love summer!  I could never get bored.  We went back to school earlier this year than in the past and although I was originally bummed about it when I found out, I was totally at peace with it when it happened. I was happy with how my summer went and felt I had accomplished enough and that it was time to go back. Time to be back to a schedule.

I had spent a glorious week (with just the girls) at an all inclusive resort on the Yucatan Peninsula! This was a new vacation for me and I enjoyed every hot, sweaty minute of it.

Just like last summer, I ran one race each month. I hope to continue to uphold this summer tradition.

I spent some time with the grandparents. This is something I of course need to do more of.  Went to the Circus with my Pap and went boating with my Nana.

Last summer I worked diligently on the outside of my home, this summer I worked on the inside. I painted trim, a fireplace, made curtains, and had a room professionally painted.  We've been in our house for over 10 years now and I feel like we are in the second phase of decorating. Kind of like we got sick of (or grew out of) the way we decorated it originally. This room is still a work in progress.

Lastly, I spent a week with Scott at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge and then visited the Disney theme parks.

So although I never want summer to end, I realize that we must move on to another phase of our life, accomplish new tasks and making new memories. -M

How often do you redecorate your home?

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