Sunday, September 17, 2017

Weekly Wrap ....September 17

September seems to be just flying by us already! Even though Fall "officially" starts this week, it certainly doesn't feel like fall here. That's okay though. I tried to #EnjoyFall last weekend by going to Dog Days in the corn Maze which was a blast, and this past week I enjoyed it by running our annual Harvest Festival 5K with my family. I thought maybe I would #EnjoyFall by getting a Fall like beverage but with weather like this, who needs a hot drink?

This week I continued to train for the Harvest 5K race which was on Saturday. Last year, I was determined to place in my age group so I ran this route almost every day over the summer.  It paid off because I won 2nd place.

This summer I did not run the route at all. I just started running it a few weeks ago.  Probably that coupled with the heat and humidity and a very stiff left leg, made for a challenging race for me on Saturday morning. Needless to say, I did not place. Even though I usually finish somewhere in the 20's for this race, The third place female in my age group finished in 23 minutes. I knew I couldn't beat that anyway so I really wasn't that upset about not placing.

My sister had a better race than I did so I will let her give a race recap later this week.

I did enjoy the rest of the afternoon though. After the race we enjoyed the festival a bit. We got some fall treats from a cupcake truck and shopped around at some other food and craft vendors.  Later that afternoon, we walked back to town to watch some of the Harvest parade.  We had to leave before it was over because I had a date later that evening.

This was the balloon I was scheduled to fly in. It's name is "Lucy in the sky with diamonds".

So my date was that Scott had bought me a ticket for a hot air balloon ride.  I had never done one of these before and ever since we visited Sedona in 2009, it was something I've wanted to do.  I was told to wear long pants, closed shoes, and wear layers. So I did. I hated the thought of putting jeans on since it was like 90 degrees out.  When we got to the debriefing area and people started to show up I increasingly became more agitated. I was sweating bullets in my jeans and sneakers while other people were wearing shorts and flip flops.  I immediately texted my friend Megan who is a fellow rule follower to share my disgust (it must be a teacher thing).  She shared with me a similar incident.  Nobody said anything to the people who were dressed inappropriately. Anyway, our Flight was delayed once for weather. It was an absolutely beautiful day out but they could see a storm in the direction we were suppose to fly. Then at 5:15 pm they officially cancelled the flight. by 5:20 pm , it was pouring buckets. Of course I was a little disappointed but understand that safety comes first.

This week and this weekend were very busy and I'm looking forward to a bit of slower pace this coming week. Now that the 5K is over, I planned to do less running this week. I will run longer, just not as many days.   -M

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