Sunday, September 24, 2017

Weekly Wrap ...September 24

Last week I mentioned that I was going to run less days but do longer runs. Well that didn't happen. Since it's been so warm here, I wanted to be outside as much as possible so I continued to run several times during the week BUT because it's been so hot, my mileage was still low!

Monday- No running because I had a dinner date.

Tuesday I started running with my mom again. She's going to do some races with me this fall and next spring. She's basically starting from scratch again.  We did 2 miles running and then walked about a half mile more.  All I can say about this run was WAY TOO MUCH SUN! We even tried to take the shady roads and that did not help.

Wednesday I know I did 3 miles but I can not find any documentation!

Thursday it was another hot one but I managed to get in 4 miles. Thank goodness I had my blender bottle of water when I returned to my car!

I mentioned on Friday that I was looking forward to taking Baylee out in the bike cart this fall. Well, I just couldn't wait  so we waited until the sun went down on Friday night and took her for a practice stroll around the park. Scott pulled the cart with his bike and I ran beside. We only did a mile.

Saturday we got up early so we could take Baylee and the cart to the bike trail before it got too hot. Again, I ran beside the cart while Scott pulled it with the bike. It got too hot real quick so we only got in 2.3 miles before calling it quits.

We normally close our pool this weekend but since it was such a beautiful day Scott and I went to some outdoor markets and bought some fall decorations for our porch. We have it all decorated!  It almost doesn't feel right that it is 90 degrees and we are still swimming and then sitting on our porch all decorated with pumpkins.

Those of you who have pools, when do you usually close them? For those of you who live in the deep South, do you keep your pool open all year long?   -M

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