Friday, October 20, 2017

Fall Treats for a Party

Earlier this week I had some girl friends over for some Reflexology.  My mom had Reflexology done when we visited the Hershey Spa earlier this year and she said it was absolutely delightful.

I had booked a Reflexologist to come to my house and she agreed to work on me and a few of my friends. I decided to give our little get together a Fall theme and made all Pumpkin-y snacks.

Since this week’s Friday 5 is about Fall Foods, I thought I’d share what was on my table!

Here is the spread I had laid out.

It included:

1. Pumpkin Tarts (Had a Graham Cracker Crust and pumpkin filling)

2. Pumpkin Spice Pop Corn (Microwave pop Corn from Pop Secret)

3. Pumpkin Cookies (Packaged by Betty Crocker but mixed up and baked by me)

4. Pumpkin Trifles

5. Pumpkin doughnut holes (from the grocery store)

Then of course we washed it all down with some pumpkin Spice Soda!

Happy Friday guys!  -M

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