Friday, October 27, 2017

My Fall decor

Happy Friday Y'all!

I'm finally starting to feel that fall crispness in the air now when I wake up in the mornings.  It's still warm in the afternoons for my runs though, so that's good!

I thought this would be a good time to finally share some of my fall decor! After all, I'll be taking it down next month and putting up Christmas decorations!

We put up our Fall decorations around the middle of September. I hate to do fall too early so I usually put things out the week of our Harvest Festival.  We bought a "Fall Porch Package" from one of our local Home and Garden stores for $39.99.

The packaged included the following:

2 cornstalks
2 Pumpkins (any size)
2 Mums (the big ones) I also got a yellow one that is not shown.
1 Hay bale
1 Kale (I didn't even know this was thing that people decorated with Kale, who knew?)
3 Gourds
3 Ears of Indian corn

I bought a wreath, a rug, and two hanging mum baskets all separately at another location.

When I bought the wreath and the rug I was planning on decorating with a blue and neutral theme. Once I bought the porch package I ended up getting away from the colors I wanted to use.

We actually bought these hanging mum baskets before any of the buds had bloomed so we really didn't know what color they were going to be. Scott and I were both very delighted to see that they were both multi colored plants.  I LOVE that they are multi colored because I've never seen ones like this before but I am even more thankful that they BOTH ended up being multi colored or that would have thrown my whole decorating scheme off.  Call it decorators OCD!

And then of course I had to add a few Labrador details.

I think I just about have a Labrador flag for every season!

This Lab planter is starting to get a bit faded. It's an oldie but a goody!

Did you decorate for fall? Did you know decorating with Kale was a thing?  -M

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