Monday, October 2, 2017

My New Plan

After getting a disappointed email last week about not making it into Boston I was a bit bummed out. So what did I do next? Sign up for another marathon. Not because I am hoping to BQ at this one, because I know my training is not what it should be to want to strive for it.

 Honestly I have no goals I just want to be a part of a fun girl’s weekend. Not to mention that it is only three weeks away.

This summer my sister had mentioned that she signed up for the Baltimore Marathon Relay. I was even thinking about signing up for the marathon, but at the time my work schedule was a bit crazy and I could not dedicate the time training for a marathon. The thought of that was just stressful. However, I would still keep up with my runs but no real schedule.

While summer winded down and my work schedule became less hectic, I entertained the thought of the marathon again. With the cooler mornings approaching I could get some longer runs in now. I had mentioned to my sister that I was thinking about signing up for it. I don’t know if she really thought I was serious because she didn’t say much about it. Then again, she knows that I don’t ever really ever follow a training plan when I sign up for marathons anyway.

A few days later I texted her that morning and said I finally signed up for the marathon. Guess I should start training. And that is exactly what I did. The next day I got up and ran 16 miles and felt great! I came home, took a nap, and met some friends out at the ocean front later. I decided to Uber home that night.

The next day I was thinking about getting an Uber again to my car, but I thought I am training for a marathon now I should just run to it. So that is what I did. I ran 8 miles down to the ocean front.

 The Neptune Festival was taking place this weekend so once I arrived at the boardwalk I began walking and looking at the vendors. I thought about splurging on a funnel cake, but I purchased a crab cake instead. I ended up running into a friend I haven’t seen all summer so we walked together and caught up. I still had about a mile to go to get to my car so we gave each other a hug and parted ways.

That evening I asked my running buddy if I could consider these two back to back long runs. Since I ran 16 Saturday and then another 8 on Sunday. The whole point is to train on tired legs right? Even though I felt good during both of these runs, I was still tired. He says I would think you would need to do at least another double digit. Really? Either way I logged the miles and that is what matters.
Have you ever signed up for a race spontaneously? -L

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