Friday, October 6, 2017

Things that make you say Whaaaat?

Every once in a while we come across something while we are running or biking that either makes us laugh or make us say "Whaaaaat"?  We thought we would share some of those with you today.

These are a combination of things both my sister and I have seen.

1.The other day I saw a car that had paint on the back windshield ( you know that paint that people use to write things like "Just Married" and such? Well, on the back of this particular car it read "This Crazy Lady Behind the Wheel".

2. The other day I saw a car (a very modest sedan, not a sports car) with a front license plate that read "Here Comes Fast Eddie".  As if that wasn't funny enough, the driver was an elderly lady!

3. Now this one just happened the yesterday and it didn't really make me laugh but it kind of made me mad. It's nearing 80 degrees and my mom and I just finished a 3 mile run. We are walking back to our car via the park. There are three young girls sitting on a piece of workout equipment and they each have a small dog. The oldest girl (at least a tween-ager) had a Shnuazer dressed in a fleece lined fur coat with a hood. WHAT??? I asked her why she had a coat on her dog when it was so hot outside. She just laughed at me.

And since we are now talking about pets, these next two will make you go Aww!

4. I once saw a guy running with not only a dog by his side, but a cat too! The dog and cat ran side by side with their owner and neither was on a leash!

5. While on a run I often see this kid on a skateboard (well, he's a teenager) and he's being pulled by his Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever has his leash in his mouth so he's pretty much walking himself. When a runner goes by, the owner will bend down and grab the leash so the dog doesn't runner after them.  But then the kids hangs on to the leash and they keep on moving. It's pretty cute!

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