Monday, October 30, 2017

Weekly Workouts

I feel like the weeks always go by so fast and I can’t even remember by the end of the week what I did when the week started so I actually wrote it down this week. After taking Sunday completing off from doing anything but laying around after my marathon on Sunday. I was ready to do something on Monday.

Monday I actually took an Aqua class. It was nice to be in the water doing the same moves that the instructor is doing on land. And some are very challenging. I can now see why some moves do not work in the water like they do on land and vise versa. I still have a lot of practice to do before teaching it myself. After class I was feeling good so I took a Body Pump. My legs were still pretty sore from my marathon so I made sure to do lighter than normal weights, especially on the leg portions of the class. After Body Pump I decided to stay for Body Flow. I normally never take this class but this was a nice compliment to Body Pump, especially after running a marathon that past weekend. It was really nice to stretch out and perform some moves I know I would not do on my own.

After class I was looking forward to getting a massage from the lady that I usually go to. It definitely is not a relaxing massage, but she gets deep into my muscles and I am always happy afterwards. I did not want to go the day after my massage because I knew my muscles would be very tender and would not enjoy it as much. But when I stopped in, there was a sign out front that said on vacation until a certain day. I knew that I did not want to wait until she came back and plus this was the only day this week I could go. I looked up a few other places and found one that was the same price for what I normally pay. I didn’t know what to expect going to an unfamiliar place but I was willing to take a chance. I was pleasantly surprised. It was quite enjoyable and very relaxing, opposed to the lady that I go to that makes me squirm off the table.

Tuesday morning I got up and taught the new release for my RPM 76(spin) class at the gym followed by my silver sneakers class and then Wednesday morning I taught the new release of Body Pump (103).

I had every intention of sleeping in on Thursday since I had gotten up all week early for my classes, but there was no such luck. I got up way before my alarm was set so I thought I’d make use of this time and go for a short run. This was the first run I have done since my marathon last Saturday. It was also my first run of the season where I had to wear a head warmer and gloves. I did a short 3 miles at a very easy pace. It felt great to just get out there and enjoy the fresh air. I kind of felt guilty earlier in the week when I didn’t run when it was so nice out. But I kept telling myself I just ran a marathon I can and should take a few days off! After my run I taught another silver sneakers class.

Friday I woke up to teach another Silver Sneakers class(I know what you are probably thinking, she teaches a lot of those class) Yes I do, however the one I teach on Friday is at a different facility so I get to see different faces and it is also a different format than I teach at my other classes. It was really chilly in the morning but turned out to be a beautiful day so I took advantage of it and ran 4 miles after class while listening to my new favorite podcast( Thanks Megan). It is a missing murder case. I must have been so focused on the story because a biker rode by me and I literally jumped and said you scared me! I felt like I needed to tell him why but he was older and probably didn’t even know what a podcast was…haha.

Later that afternoon I went to the expo to pick up my race packed for the Wicked 10k race I was running on Saturday then I stopped at the store to get some festive tights so I could wear them to class on Halloween.

Saturday- I Ran the Wicked 10k. Race recap coming soon!

What was your favorite workout last week? -L

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