Sunday, October 15, 2017

Weekly Wrap....October 15

I hope I can claim this week as a "good week" and not the week where it all went down hill. I'll explain more as we get in to the wrap!

Sunday I did a 5 mile walk with a friend. The conversation was good but we were getting hot and sweaty so we called it quits at mile 5.

Monday was my typical rest day.

We've really had some beautiful weather to be outside!

Tuesday I wasn't really felling it. Physically I was fine but mentally I was conflicted with some issues so running wasn't exactly the heaviest thing on my mind. I did 2 miles running with my mom and then another (almost) 2 mile walk.

Wednesday it was raining when I got home from work and I was actually relieved! That was my excuse to not run. It would have been only a short run anyway as I would have had to come back and shower quickly because I was meeting a friend for dinner and shopping.  I have officially bought my first Christmas gift of the season!  The last few times I've gone out shopping I've been seeing gifts I want to buy but I kept telling myself it was too early to start shopping for Christmas. Well now that stores have Christmas decorations up, I guess it's that time.  I have a mental list in my head as to what I want to get for people so I could probably get all my shopping done in one day and be done!  That probably wont happen though!

Thursday was 4 miles with my mom at the rail trail. She now has planter fasciiates so we are taking things slower.

Funny story, after our run we went to the grocery store next to the trail and as we were getting into our car, a guy was getting out of his car with a cigarette.  Instead of putting his cigarette out, he stuck it under his side view mirror until he came back out. Isn't this just the oddest thing?  As you can probably see from the picture it was damp and starting to spritz anyway. Why did he think it would stay lit?  I should have put this on the things that make you go hmmm, post!

I've been doing a lot of meal creations on Fridays and this Friday I made a homemade Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella, and Chicken pizza.  My Pampered Chef pizza stone broke a few months ago (it actually cracked while in the oven) and I haven't bothered to replace it so I got creative and made the pizza in this Kitchen Aid pan.  I wasn't sure if I could put this pan in the oven, but I did and it turned out beautifully. I may have to make pizza in this pan more often!  Oh, and it was yummy too! 

Aren't these Day of the Dead cookies cute? We thought it was a great treat to get since it was Friday the 13th!
Afterwards we went out with some friends to Starbucks for desserts and drinks. I recommended the Maple Pecan to Scott and a Friend but of course I had to get the Pumpkin Spice. My Pumpkin Spice Frappe was not as yummy as I remembered it and had a bit of a "smokey" taste to it.  Of course I finished it though, as well as one of their pumpkin muffins!  We ended up closing the place down!

Saturday I planned to do a 7 mile run but had to stop twice during the run because of some nagging knee pain. I don't know what this is all about but I hope it gets resolved before this weekend's race.
Besides the knee pain, I'll chalk it up as a pretty good run. I felt good the entire time and it really didn't feel like it was 7 miles. There was no struggling what so ever. This run had the potential to be perfect!

After the run, I got cleaned up and Scott and I ran some errands. Afterwards, met some friends and family to do some target shooting. This was actually a lot of fun. We only used bb's but it was fun shooting at zombie targets and then lining up containers to see who could shoot the most down when it was their turn.  Yes, I am easily  Afterwards we went out to dinner and then came home in time to watch The Disappearance of Maura Murray, which I am hooked on (Thank you Megan)!  I admit I dozed off at some parts so I think I may have to watch it again today.

And that's a Wrap! -M

Christmas shopping now, Yay or Nay?   Have you gone target shooting? What was the best homemade thing you've made lately?

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