Sunday, October 22, 2017

Weekly Wrap...October 22

This weekend was a big weekend for races. The Baltimore Running Festival was this weekend, as well as the Runner's World Festival, and today is the Marine Corp Marathon.  Then of course lots of  friends were running local Halloween races and such.

My area had their big race festival going on this weekend too (5K on Friday night, 10K on Saturday, and of course the half marathon today). I probably could have gone to spectate for the half marathon like I did last year, but I decided to just hang out here at home and recovery from my busy weekend in Baltimore!

As far as workouts go this week, I took it easy and did NO running. I was very concerned about my nagging knee/IT band issue.  I haven't felt this pain in over 2 years so I wanted to be cautious for sure! I did a fair amount of stretching and foam rolling as a precaution.

I also had some reflexology done this week. This is the first time I've ever had this done and I'm not sure if I'm a fan. I enjoyed when she worked on the soles of my feet, but I did not enjoy when she worked on my toes, that hurt. I did not tell her that though because I wanted to get the whole experience since it was my first time. I did tell her I was having a slight issue with my knee and she worked on the part of the foot that effects the knees. I was hopeful it would feel better after that, but it really didn't. The pain actually started to feel worse. I could feel the pain thumping on the side of the knee just when I would be sitting still.  My only saving grace was that when I would run up and down the steps at my house, I did not feel any pain.  This gave me hope that just maybe I would be able to run a few miles pain free too.

I took it easy the rest of the week and then Friday we started our girls only race weekend. I picked up Megan and Ana and then we drove to Baltimore and met Lacey and Heather.  We don't live terribly far from the city but we wanted to be there and spend the night so we could just relax and not rush.

The race expo really wasn't anything to be excited about, same old stuff.  Since we were going to be doing the Marathon relay, we got to spend some time studying the large wall map and looking at our individual routes and exchange points.

After the expo we walked to the Inner Harbor and found a nice place to have dinner.  We got a great table outside and we watched the race tents and signage go up for the following day!

I will stop here and leave our race day recap for tomorrow since I'm sure it will be a bit lengthy!

Did you run this weekend? Have you ever had reflexology? -M

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