Sunday, October 29, 2017

Weekly Wrap...October 29, Full of Mystery!

Sunday I was kind of in a funk all day. Scott had gone to the Steeler's game and I stayed home to recover from my race in Baltimore. I felt really good Saturday after the race and I wasn't sore at all. In fact, I felt like I could have kept on running.  However, on Sunday it hit me and I was a bit achy!  I did finally get motivated enough to do some chores around the house.

Monday I had a few goodies left over from race day in Maryland and was excited to have these chips with my lunch!

They are Crab Chips with Chesapeake seasoning. Yes, I know I can buy these locally but I would never just buy a bag a chips to keep around the house.  So yes, I was excited by a little bag of chips! 

Also on Monday I got out an went for a run with my mom.  I thought if  I pretended I wasn't achy that maybe I wouldn't be. It worked! I felt good during the run except for the fact that I had a very tight left calf. I came home and immediately stretched and foam rolled.

I did not see anything too interesting on this run, but afterwards I did.  As we were exiting the park in our car, we had to wait for all these ducks to cross the road.  There was a break in the action so the car in front of us could actually move ahead and then a ton more would cross the street and we would have to wait for them.  The grassy area to the right of this picture is just covered in ducks! 

Tuesday was a rest days. I did stretching and foam rolling.  It's surprising how an injury scare can make you commit to foam rolling! 

Wednesday I did some miles at the island with Scott.  We didn't start till late so I had a feeling it might get dark while we were still there so I took my RunLites.

I wore the original RunLite gloves and gave Scott the RunLite mittens that they sent me at the end of the season last year. I had not had an opportunity to take the mittens for a run last year so this is the first time they've been used. Scott said they were quite cozy and warm! 

Thursday was another rest day.

This Fall our thing on Friday nights has been going to Starbucks. I know, most people probably go to Happy Hour for a cocktail, but not us. We go to Starbucks and usually close the place down.
 I got the limited edition Zombie Frappucino and Scott got the Pumpkin Spice this time. Our friends all got Lattes but I just can't bring myself to ordering a hot drink yet!  My zombie frappuccio was quite tasty. It was green caramel apple flavored. 

I then went home and went to bed because I had a race in the morning.

Saturday I ran the Monster Mash and Lacey ran Wicked! This was a new race to me so I hope to tell a little more about it later this week.

Later that evening we had plans to do the Escape Room with some friends. This was SO MUCH fun! There were actually four themed rooms and the one we were in had a Wild West theme.  With in our Wild West room there were actually three rooms. We had to find keys that opened additional doors ( we did not know this at first). Our goal was to find  a diamond that was locked inside a box.  This particular room only had a success rate of 20%, so only 20 % of the people who did this room found the diamond and were able to "escape".  Our group found the diamond and escaped with only 5 minutes left!  I think we will be going back and trying out some of the other themed rooms! 

Afterwards we all went to dinner to celebrate our success! Then Scott and I came home and watched the last episode of the Missing Maura Murray series!  Are you following this case?  -M

Ever done an escape room?  Do you prefer Happy Hour cocktails or Starbucks? Ever had crab chips?

PS: We got official race pictures from the Baltimore Marathon and since pictures help tell the story better, we put them back in our race recaps! You can check them out Here and Here

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