Sunday, October 8, 2017

Weekly Wrap...October 8

Okay, I have a calendar, so I can't exactly say that October "snuck up" on me!  However, seeing that we've been inundated with 80 degree days I may have been in denial that it is actually fall.  Which means that in my mind I had weeks to go until the Baltimore Marathon relay that I will be doing with some friends. IN REALITY I only have one more weekend until the race. O snap!

Needless to say, I could no longer wait until the heat and humidity subsided to do those longer runs. I needed to suck it up and do them now. I'm not a morning runner so I don't have the luxury of doing cooler runs. I'm out there in late afternoon when the sun is blazing because that's when I have my free time.

Sunday I waited till evening to run at the island and it actually wasn't that bad.

Monday I had a meeting after school and then just called it a rest day. I've been wanting to spend all my time outside and savor the weather but to be honest it was so hot I didn't feel like doing anything. I laid on the couch until dinner time. I seriously just laid there. I didn't watch TV or anything.

Tuesday I did some shopping after school. I got a mini haul at Ulta Beauty (where even mini hauls add up fast), and then I bought a chair cushion at Pier One.

I had wanted to get cushions for my outdoor chairs back in the summer and they were $48 a piece! I needed 2 of them so this wasn't going to happen. I had since given up on trying to find the right outdoor cushions but knew I needed to find a new one for this wicker rocker that was bought a Pier One years ago.  There was only one cushion left in the color I wanted and it was on super clearance!

Later that evening I did a 3 mile run with my mom.  I looked for those cats again, and they were there! We've been trying to do our runs twice a week.

Wednesday I went to the rail trail to try and do a longer run.  This was actually a struggle. I don't know if it was because it was 80 degrees or if  my body would have struggled regardless of temperature because I was feeling achy in places.

Thursday was another 3 miles with my mom. By the looks of the clouds, it looked like it could storm at any moment. We were hoping to get our three miles in before that happened. Turns out, we never got a drop of rain.

Friday was a walk day with Baylee.

Saturday was my longest run of this training cycle! 7 Miles!  I was only planning 6, and then maybe 6.5 but thought I could push to do 7 and am so glad I did.  The humidity was 100% and I was totally zonked afterwards, but it felt so good to accomplish that mileage and know that I will be prepared for my leg of the relay.  -M

And that's a wrap!

What was your best clearance buy lately?

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