Wednesday, October 11, 2017

What's up Wednesday!

This weekend I felt really busy. When I sign up for a marathon I never follow a training plan so therefore I feel like I never get the amount of miles in that I should. I am the type that crams it all in at the end and tries to make up for all the miles I haven't ran and just hope for the best. I knew I had one more week of running before I taper so I wanted to make the most of it. 

Friday morning I had to get up and shadow an aqua class at the gym since I am going to start teaching it. The class was pretty early so after class I thought I should get a long run in since it was early morning and not as warm as it was expected to get later in the day.

I downloaded a few new podcast and I was out the door. I live next to a State Park so I normally just do the main trail, which is an out and back route for me. I always think about venturing off to another part of the trail but I do not know them very well and I didn't want to get lost or accidentally run more than I wanted. I ended up running 14 miles and felt great!That evening I even took a body pump class before meeting friends at the Melting Pot for Restaurant week.

 The following day I had planned to do another long run. I surprised myself and ran 11 more miles.

That evening my friend and I did some Halloween activities that including a Haunted House, Haunted Hay Ride, and Haunted Corn Maze. They were pretty good, but lines were very long and they try to crowd more people in at once to keep the line moving so it doesn't end up being scary when you have a group of 15 or more at once going through the same area. Afterwards we tried a brewery that I have never been to.

The following day I ran another 8 miles. This was finally on tired legs. I decided to take a different trail than I normally do to change things up, but once I went a mile down that way, I thought I better turn around because I'm not sure where this leads to and knew I wasn't prepared to do another longer run with no fuel nor water on me.

Afterwards I treated myself to a foot spa. It is next to one of my favorite sushi places so I splurged on that as well. I relaxed the rest of the evening and put my work out together for class the next day.

Monday morning I had to teach my first Aqua class. It went ok, but I definitely need to work on things. My teacher told me she wanted me to take the workout I put together and do it myself in the water. Apparently you cannot do certain moves in the water that you can do on land and vice versa, especially in deep water. I guess I never took that into consideration when I was planning. My teacher was very helpful and even gave me a book to look through to get some ideas. When I teach Aqua I stand on the pool deck while the members are in the water. By the end of class I looked like I just jumped out of the pool myself because I was sweating so much. Next time I am going to take a class or two in the pool to get a real feel for it. After Aqua I had to teach Silver Sneakers. After teaching my classes I decided to take the day off from running since I ran so much over the weekend. -L

Have you ever taken an Aqua Class?

When you set out to do long run, do you always plan how many miles you are going to complete?

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