Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Workout Wednesday

Last week I misplaced my Garmin charger. I looked for that thing everywhere. I knew that I needed it for my Marathon the following weekend and could not take the chance of not having it pop up beforehand, so I went online and bought a spare one. I knew this week I was coming up on tapering so no long runs were scheduled. I still wear this particular Garmin for my every day watch so I felt naked not having it on. Luckily I did have my old Garmin Forerunner that I could use during my runs.

I went away this weekend and got to run on some different trails along the river. The temperature was pleasantly cool. I kept thinking I hope the weather is just as nice next weekend during the marathon. Before my run I put my old Garmin on and I could not believe how much smaller it was compared to the one I have been wearing. Of course it wasn’t fully charged so it turned off right at the beginning of my run.

I will really be running naked now I thought to myself. Luckily I did have my phone (which I normally don’t) so I pulled up an app on that during my run.  I completed three miles and called it day.

That evening I found my Garmin charger. You are never going to believe where. Well here is a short back story. I was charging my Garmin the other day before going to the gym. I threw the cord into my gym bag because it wasn’t fully charged and I planned to charge it later that day while I was at work. I tore that bag apart on the inside and out and could not find my charger. I thought it must have fallen out of my bag through my travels.

It wasn’t until this weekend when I took my blow dryer out of my bag and noticed that it was wrapped around the cord from my blow dryer. The cords were both black that is why I never saw it when I was searching through the bag previously. Now I have my charger but not my watch since I thought there was no reason to take my watch if it wasn’t charged. Luckily I was not planning on running the next day. I traveled back home and saw that I did receive my charger that I ordered already. I thought well it is always nice to have a back-up. That evening I had to prepare for some things that were coming up at work for the week. Why does it seem like you're schedule always gets crazy the week of a big event? 

The next morning I was looking forward to my run since I had my Garmin back and it was charged. I set out and took a route I do not normally take. It rained the previous day so I knew I didn’t want to go through the state park and deal with the muddy ground. I decided to run on the sidewalk through the different neighborhoods until I reached three miles. 

On the way back home I always pass a track and never usually stop. Today I thought maybe I will incorporate some speed work. I guess you could call it more strides where I would sprint the straight aways and then jog between them. I never do this so it was a challenge during my sprints. I completed just over a mile. When I was finishing my sprints at the track I saw this couple arriving with two dogs and skateboards. I thought to myself is this going to be another failed photo opportunity if these dogs get on the skateboards. But it wasn’t. They had brought the dogs into the track and closed the gate so they could leave them off their leashes to run around and play while they rode on their skateboards around the track. I then made my two mile run back to the house and completed my run with 8 miles. -L

Do you incorporate speed into your longer runs or do you do speed as a separate workout?

Do you ever make yourself crazy by not being able to find something important?

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