Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Birthday Surprise

Today is my sweet girl’s Birthday.  I can not even believe she is 12 years old today. It seems like she should only be 5 or 6.  And still at 12, I don’t feel like I’ve had her long enough.

We are SO thankful that Baylee is still here with us because last year at this time it wasn’t looking too good for her.  At 12 years old, her health is not perfect, but we are managing it the best we can and hoping we are giving her the best life a lab could ask for.  My goal for this year was to have a Shutterfly book made of pictures of her but I tell ya that darn Shutterfly makes things so complicated that I get frustrated. So yea, that did not happen yet. Maybe I can make one as a Christmas present for myself? 

               Today after work I took her to the pet store and we picked out her birthday treat

                                                           As you can see she enjoyed her treat! 

                                                   Here's to 12 more years with this precious dog!

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