Sunday, November 12, 2017

I'm dreaming of a Weekly Wrap......November 12

I was so excited to watch the NYC Marathon last Sunday. I mean who would think that watching people run on TV would be exciting, but it is! I mean let’s face it, it’s the only time you’ll ever see anybody run the entire marathon course. I love being a spectator from my couch! I mean being a spectator in person is pretty cool too but you only get to see a portion of the race.

I must have been overly excited because the night before I had a running dream. This was the ONLY running that happened for me all week! I rarely dream about running. The last time I had a running dream was during the time I was training for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler at Disney. I was coming back from an injury and I would have this reoccurring dream that when the starting gun went off, my legs would not be able to run so I would have to walk. Thank goodness that dream did not come true.

So in my dream on Saturday night/Sunday morning I was going to run the NYC Half Marathon. Of course dreams aren’t always what they seem, right. In my dream this NYC Half Marathon actually started on a country road somewhere, clearly not NYC. When I got to the start line I realized I did not have my ipod. How would I run 13.1 miles alone without my music?  I did not want to go back for it so I thought I would make do. I also realized that there were not a lot of people at this race. Come on, this is NYC (or was supposed to be) where was everybody?  As I stood around with the handful of other runners, I got word that the race was going to be delayed. It was delayed again and I was starting to get annoyed. Then a lady told me that this wasn’t a half marathon, it was only the 500 meter dash! What???  But instead of being annoyed that I wasn’t running the half marathon, I gave a sigh of relief and said “O, well, then that’s perfectly fine that I don’t have my ipod”.  I do not remember actually running that race because my dream then switched gears.

On another country road they were starting the Full marathon and at one point they were letting people jump in to run some of the course if they wanted too. My mom decided that she was going to run some of it. I really wanted to run with her but I looked down at my feet and realized I was wearing flip flops. My sister also was wearing flip flops so she wasn’t going to run it either.  But then I looked down and saw my mom was wearing moccasins and she was still willing to run. I told her I would stand at the bottom of the hill and try to get a picture of her running as she headed toward the river (see, clearly not in NYC either). I waited for my mom and tried to get a picture of her running. That is wear the dream ended.   So weird right?  I wonder if those dreams were trying to tell me something?

I did not have any other dreams the rest of the week. In fact, the rest of the week was pretty boring. Work was busy and at home we spent a LOT of time picking out fixtures for our new kitchen. Our appliances were delivered this week and I am actually liking the stainless steel and don’t miss the white we had.

On Saturday my mom and I went to Make a Blanket Day for Project Linus. This is a charity we’ve been participating in for a few years now. We meet at the church and make blankets for the children’s hospital. We do the cut and tie fleece blankets but some of the more talented ladies make quilts.  ~M

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