Monday, November 6, 2017

She's coming back...with some distractions

I mentioned previously that I was starting to run with my mom again.  Many of you commented that was great that we were running together.

However, those of you who have been reading this blog since the beginning may remember that my mom trained with me for my first half marathon and then ran it with me. She trained with me for my first full marathon, but than said that's where she draws the line, she wasn't running a full marathon!

She continued to run a few more half marathons with me, including Disney World, Disney Land, Las Vegas, and several races along the ocean front.  She then had to stop due to some nagging hip and piriformis pain. Last month was the first time she has run in two years so we started out slow.  We've been consistently running three miles the past few weeks.

This past weekend my mom took her run to the boardwalk.  When she got back I asked her how it went.  Her response was funny so she said I could share it here.

Just on those few miles of the boardwalk I had so many people distracting me.

First, I ran by a guy vaping.  As I ran by him, he looked me right in the face and decided to blow his vape at me. Rude much?

Second,  I had a guy on a bike jump of and put his phone in my face. I was startled. He said "here, take a picture of me".  What?  First of all, I didn't even know this guy, secondly, didn't he see I was running.  Of course I was polite so I stopped my Garmin and took the man's picture.

Lastly, I had a group of girls come up to me (while I'm still running) and ask me what time it was.  This time I was not stopping so I just said "I don't know," and kept running.  I'm sure the girls saw that I was wearing a watch, but since I had my Garmin set up to keep distance and pace, I didn't have access to see the time on this screen anyway.

When I was finishing up the last mile I ran by a cafe where I saw some of my friends having breakfast. They saw me too and waved their bacon at me as I ran by!

When she got back home she told me "Apparently the universe does not want me to be running, or at least these people on the boardwalk didn't think I should be running".

Do you ever have people distracting you on a run?  I've been annoyed a few times when I run through town and people stop me to ask for directions. I know it shouldn't bother me but when I'm in a groove I don't want to stop!    -M

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