Monday, November 27, 2017

Sweet Goals...Do you have them?

I did very little running in November. Actually I only did two runs and if I'm lucky, I'll top the month off with 3 runs if I do one this week. However, I have been trying to work on something else this month.

Every year it seems that I have the same “intention” to cut back on the sugar.  I’ll be the first to admit that I never pass up a bag of Sour Patch Kids, Sugar Cookies, or a Cupcake.  However, I go in with good intentions but the end result is always the same. I don’t do anything differently.

 My GOAL ( Yes, I am finally calling it a goal instead of an “intention” because I feel like it is something I am going to chart my progress on), is to go seven days straight without any of the following: Cookies, Candy, Cakes, Cupcakes, whoopee pies, fudge, pie, and donuts. The donuts should be easy because I’m not a fan of donuts anyway but I feel like it should be included! I don’t have the strength to cut out Frappes yet though.  Baby steps!

I told my mom of my plan during one of our runs and she said it sounds good and something that she should be doing too, but she won’t start it until after the New Year. She said if she started it now that she would just be setting herself up for failure. There are just too many temptations coming up with the holidays and all.  I completely agree and during the Holidays I usually do cut myself some slack and let myself have ALL the holiday goodies because ya know, It’s only once a year when you get to have them ( Christmas Cookies and the holiday flavored Ghiradelli chocolates (my favorite are the peppermint bark and the egg nog).  But on the other hand I do feel like this is the perfect time to start cutting back. Why wait?  

So, I admit for the month of November I did not do too well.  I let myself have Ice cream cake for my sister's birthday (does that really count since the cake was made of ice cream and ice cream wasn't on my list?), had a Hershey Kiss from a co-worker, and some other sweet treats at work.  I was really good over Thanksgiving as I did not have any pie, pumpkin roll, or any other dessert.  I think I was able to go from this past Sunday to Saturday without any sweets! However, On Sunday of just this week I blew it because my sister offered me some Sour Patch Kids while on a road trip when we were stuck in traffic!  I will not succumb to this peer pressure any more! 

So I was only able to go one streak of 7 days with out any sweets this month. I'll try it again next month and see if I can do better. 

As I am writing this I am thinking maybe I should make my goal to go only five days and then I have the weekends to have a treat. But that sounds weak, doesn’t it?  -M

Do you think you could go seven days?  Do you have a sweet strategy for the Holidays?

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