Thursday, November 23, 2017


Every year I am thankful for the usual stuff, My family, friends, health, job, etc. I am still extremely Thankful for all of that but in an effort to reflect on this year, I want to pick out a few things that stand out to make this year unique in its own right.

I know the year is not over yet so I am hoping I don't Jinx myself by mentioning these things too soon.

1. I have remained injury free all year! I have not had to run any races injured this year and it felt AMAZING!

2. Baylee's health. This one is HUGE guys. Last year at this time our vet didn't think she would even be here another year.  She is not with out issues but she is doing well and is a Happy dog!

3. The weather. I don't mind the heat so the sweltering summer felt great and the fall heat was just perfect. As we head into December we still have not hit really cold temps and that feels good!

4. New Races. This is the first year in 7 years that I did not run a Disney race and ya know what, I didn't miss it. I made a goal of running Big city races instead and got to cross 2 more cities of my list this year.

5. Family time. This is something I'm thankful for all the time but I appreciate the trips, the races, time spent boating, and just getting together with family on a Sunday afternoon.  We have a few more things planned for the rest of the year that I am looking forward to as well.

What is something unique to this year that you are Thankful for?

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