Sunday, November 5, 2017

Weekly Wrap ...Nov 5

I'm hoping to do a Turkey Trot and some kind of Holiday/Christmas themed race between now and the end of the year but that's kind of it. I'm not really training for anything so the next couple of weeks posts will probably be less running related and more about life in general. However, I know Lacey has some exciting running related stuff coming up in the near future so hopefully she'll be able to entertain you!

This week I enjoyed coming home after work and not rushing around to change into running clothes and head to the trail. I did some foam rolling, stretches, and watched lots of Judge Judy!

There is a person inside that Dinosaur.  It was the funniest thing watching it walk down the street!

On Halloween I hung out at my parent's house for a little bit and watched the trick or treaters.  When I walked up on their porch, they had this creepy Halloween music playing. I asked where it was coming from and here they had stuck their Google Home behind a plant on the porch. I thought that was clever!  My dad is so funny, he barely waits for the kids to ring the doorbell and say Trick or Treat. Instead, he opens the door first and HE is the one saying trick or treat!  If you've ever watched the show Modern Family, our dad is like Phil Dunphy. We say that all the time.

This was spooky because you didn't know which characters were fake and which were real people! 

Later that evening my mom and I went to a nearby neighborhood to see this creepy haunted house. It wasn't a house that you walked inside of, it was just a guy that has a production company and he put on something like live theater out front of his house with a bunch of displays and scary music.

By Thursday I just couldn't stand it anymore, I had to go for a run! It was just too nice not too and I hated the thought of letting this perfect weather go to waste!

Friday I ran errands after work and then headed to Starbucks for my usually Friday night happy hour!
The new holiday flavors are here and I got the Chestnut Praline Frappe! I still can't bring myself to ordering a hot beverage yet! 

Speaking of Holidays, it will soon be time to do the Blogger Holiday Card Swap. Should we continue with this tradition?  This will not be an official "sign up" but let us know in the comments if you might be interested.

Saturday we did some errands for our Kitchen since we are doing a slight remodel (which I am slowly regretting) and then the rest of the day was spent celebrating with my sister for her upcoming birthday.   So as I said, not a lot of running or other workouts going on, but that's okay.  It's good to take a rest sometimes and focus on other things!  -M

We are linking up with Holly and Tricia for their weekly wrap series!

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