Sunday, November 26, 2017

Weekly Wrap...November 26

 After about a month hiatus from running, I finally got back at it this week.

I ran Baltimore in October when it was still warm and then a Monster Mash 5K a week later, so this run last week was my first "Official" Fall run!

My sister brought me this shirt back from the Chicago Marathon last year and believe it or not this was the first time I wore it! The short sleeves were just perfect for the weather!

I haven't been on this trail in a while so for some reason I was a little frightened. I don't know why because I've run this trail hundreds of times before but I guess it just felt "spookier" now that it is fall.

I ran with only one earbud in so I could stay alert!  I continued to take the path through the woods and every one I encountered looked suspicious to me (of course that was all in my head).   I saw people walking dogs, other runners, and people walking along the water but when I saw a random guy walking my way from another connecting path in the woods I got nervous.  We acknowledged each other with a quick "Hi" and then I picked up my speed so I could get far ahead of him. I didn't feel comfortable knowing he was behind me.  And then I thought "O darn, I'm gonna wear myself out  by running this fast and if someone attacks me I'm not going to have any energy left to fight back".  I don't know why I always think the worst when I run!  I was far enough ahead of the random guy and I never saw him again.

After that I slowed down and got in a comfortable pace. I enjoyed running on all the fallen leaves and hearing them crunch beneath my feet. Aww, this run just felt so refreshing!  Now I know why people love Fall Running!  At one point I almost lost my way (yes, on this trail I've run hundreds of times before) because the paths were all covered with leaves and I didn't know which way to turn to go on my normal route.   My Garmin died before I was done with my run, but because I know how far my usual route is, I know I ran over 3 miles.  For my first run in a month, I was very pleased.

Once again, I did not run a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and its too bad too cus it was a beautiful day for one on. One of these years I'll run it!  It was a nice day on Saturday too so I got out for a little run then too.   Maybe this week I'll get back to running regularly so I feel prepared to run a Christmas race if I want to.  -M

Do you have a running route that seems "spookier" at certain times of  the year?

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