Monday, November 20, 2017

Who's Stealing Fairytales and Fitness?

After five years, I admit I’m not completely in love with our blog name. It’s true! But again, after five years it has kind of become a part of us and quite frankly changing it would be more of a hassle.  At the time we started the blog, the name seemed to fit.  We knew we were going to talk a lot about Disney and Disney races since that is where we got our start.  I didn’t want to pigeon hole us by putting Disney in our title (and I’m sure that would alienate some readers as well), but I did want it to have something to do with the magic of running at Disney.   So we came up with the term Fairytales.  This was kind of a spin on words too since I am a journalist by trade and of course fairytales are stories. I hope I am a good story teller.

 Also, we thought it could relate to traveling too since we both like to travel.  And of course fitness just kind of rolled off the tongue. Running was our main sport but again, why pigeon hole us.  And with that, Fairytales and Fitness was born.  

Of course we did our research and at the time, the only thing close to our name was called “A Fitness Fairytale” which I’m not even sure was an actual blog. I think it was more of a title of an online article that kept showing up. Now of course I see it is a Youtube channel, but back then I don’t think it was.

I then created social media pages for us including a Facebook page title Fairytales and Fitness, a twitter account and then later Instagram.  When I created twitter I could not get the handle @fairytalesandfitness because twitter told me the name was too long (too many characters).  I settled on @Fairytalesnfit. I did the same for IG.

This brings me to the other day,  I was playing around on Scott’s phone (like I usually do) because I wanted to see if his Newer phone did all the cool stuff my old phone does.

I wanted to see if his phone had the voice activated reader so I pulled up our blog.  As I went to do this, I saw a few other links for Fairytales and Fitness that did not belong to us. What???

I was now intrigued who these other Fairytales and Fitness imposters were.  One is a Youtuber and instead of Fairytales and fitness (which belongs to us) she is Fairytalesandfitness.  The other is an Instagramer @Fairytalesandfitness. This is the one that made me instantly furious because I tried to have that handle years ago when it did not belong to anyone and could not.  Of course I had to check out these folks’ other social media handles and nope, none of them are anything related to Fairytales and Fitness. So what is the connection for them? Why is it important for them to have OUR name?  Okay, Okay, I know I can’t actually call it our name since we don’t have a trademark on it or anything but it still bugs me because I feel like we put a lot of work into our brand.

Ever have an issue with your blog name or social media handles? Have you found some imposters?

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