Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Workout Wednesday and More

I had another busy week this week.

 Monday morning I took a Body Step class followed by a Body Pump class. I must have had plenty of energy after my class because when I got home I ended up running 11 miles (while listening to another podcast). That evening I met some friends out for her birthday. 

Tuesday I had to teach my spin class in the morning followed by my Silver Sneakers class. Since it was Halloween I wanted to be festive and wore my Halloween tights and brought some yummy brownie bites in to share with my class. That evening I met up with a friend that has a neighborhood block party and walked around with her two young girls trick or treating. 

Wednesday I had to teach back to back body pump classes (within 2 hours of each other). Since I knew I had to teach two classes at two different gyms there was no way of going home between classes, so I splurged and met a friend at Dunkin Donuts for a Pumpkin coffee and Pumpkin muffin. It was delicious! After teaching two classes, I decided to take the day off from running. 

Thursday I taught another Silver Sneakers class. I also signed up to run a last minute race on my birthday!

Friday I had to run some errands and they were close to this trail that I never get to run on so I ran 9 miles. It was a beautiful fall day out! After my run I stopped in to the Verizon store to buy another phone case.

 Earlier this week I dropped my phone on concrete and it really did a number on my phone. Well so I thought. I wanted to purchase another case at the store so they could put it on. When he removed the current one, there was not even a scratch on my phone. Even though the cases are expensive, they are much cheaper than a new phone so in my opinion so worth the money. I even got an extra discount because I get a discount through my employer on my monthly bill.  

That evening we went to the grocery store to find some more of that yummy pumpkin popcorn that we had the other week. But unfortunately they were sold out. I did however find some pumpkin Hershey kisses that are pretty tasty! Afterwards my sister and I went to Starbucks where I got my first eggnog latte of the season (I know it’s probably too early for that). It was ok, but I think I will try another flavor next time.  

Saturday my mom and I were planning to run a local 5k race. We tried to sign up Friday online but the website was down so we called and asked about it.  The lady said she would look into it and call back. Well she never did which was very frustrating. We could have signed up the day of, but the price was a big increase and we did not want to do it that bad!  So I decided to just run 6 miles by myself. 

 That afternoon I went to my first Escape room. My sister had mentioned that she did it with some friends the previous week but there were several different rooms and she wouldn't mind doing it again, so we did it with our family for my birthday.  Our room was called Pirate Abduction and it was very challenging. Even my sister said it was harder than the one they did the week before. We were separated into two different cells and we had to find clues that were really for the other cell to use to get out and vise versa. Then once they were out, they had to find another clue in order for them to unlock our cell and let us out.  Well needless to say we did not get out of the room in time. The guy working there said it was the hardest room and only a few do make it out within the time frame.  Not to mention that our room was accidentally missing one of the clues and the host had to come into our room and switch things around for us. 

That evening we had a birthday dinner of scallops and steak at my parent’s house with an ice cream cake that was very tasty!

 My sister bought me a Gel nail kit. I bought her one the other year and she seems to love it. So I am looking forward to trying it out myself.   -L

How was your week?  

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