Monday, December 4, 2017

Favorite moment of 2017

I have written and re-wrote this post several times and I still feel that the words I am using to describe this experience are not adequate enough. 

 Although my favorite experience of 2017 happened in the first half of the year, I knew at that moment that is was going to become my all time favorite regardless of what the rest of the year held for me (and it did hold some other really great experiences)! 

  My favorite moment of 2017 was Running the NYC Half Marathon! Actually it was just one of my favorite experiences period!

I know that it is only the half and not the iconic full marathon but let me tell you, it felt just as amazing!  I don’t know if I can fully put into words how I felt about this experience.

So what made this one of the best experiences ever?

First of all, it was something new to me so that automatically makes it exciting at first. I couldn’t believe I was running in such an iconic city. Of course I had been to NYC before but never saw it from this perspective. Never saw the sun rise over central park, never saw the NYC skyline the way I did that morning. Even though I was with several thousand other runners, I was running this alone. No sister, no mom, no dad, no running buddy. Alone in this huge city!  Just that alone made me feel like I conquered something.

The weather was not perfect that day. I panicked about what to wear. I dressed in layers. I ended up being a tad over dressed and it turned out that the weather was perfect for running.
This was the only half marathon that I can say that I ran the entire thing with the exception of a brief walk as I crossed the street as I left Central park and headed into Times Square. This was the half way point.  This is the only half marathon that I can honestly say that I enjoyed every mile. The crowds were amazing.

This was not my first time in NYC. This was not my first half marathon and it was not a PR (although it was actually pretty close and if I would have been paying attention to my watch I might have been able to push a little harder), my watch was buried under all my layers. but it was amazing none the less.

When I talk about the NYC Half and how much I enjoyed it I am often asked the question “Will I run it again?”   Of course if we had a great time and it was a race we liked why wouldn’t we run the same race over (and maybe try to earn a better finish time)?  This again is another thing I can’t really explain but at this point I don’t really have a desire to run this race again (although I saw the course changes and they look amazing).  I feel like the stars really aligned to make everything perfect for race day and I want to remember it for what it was. A perfect day (where I was not injured) running in the most iconic city in the world!  I think of all the things that could have went horribly wrong on this day, but they didn’t. 

Maybe someday I will run this race again, who knows? But for now I hold this race up on a pedestal and admire it for the perfect race it was.  In the meantime I will continue to have fun checking new cities off my list. I do plan to return to the NYC area to run another new to me race in 2018.  So now I ask myself, When Will I take the plunge and run the NYC Full Marathon?

Is there a race you loved but have no desire to run again?  If so, why would that be? -M

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