Friday, December 22, 2017

Holiday Home Tour

I would never decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving was over.  I felt that Thanksgiving needed to be honored in its own way. So many people are trying to speed up these holidays (Heck, I saw Valentines and Valentine candy at CVS yesterday)! I want to feel like I'm savoring the year, not speeding it up . I'm not a big shopper so it has always been a tradition for me to stay home on Black Friday and get all my holiday decorations out. That's when the official Christmas decorating begins at our house.

UNTIL......This year!  I was really in the mood (I think in part to my friend Megan talking about decorating) and I decided to start pulling out the Christmas decorations on the Sunday BEFORE Thanksgiving (gasp)!  I know it's just a week earlier than normal, but I really liked getting into the Holiday spirit a little earlier. When people say "Holidays" do they include Thanksgiving with that too?  Because from now on, I think I am including it!  I didn't feel bad putting up Christmas decor before Thanksgiving and in fact, I think I might make it a new tradition now to put my trees up the Sunday before Thanksgiving!

I really liked how my friend Megan showed all her holiday decor around her home. I enjoy seeing how people decorate for the holidays. Even though Megan does not put up a tree, she goes all out! Kudos to you Megan!

I wanted to do something similar, but I am not as talented to add the video. Therefore you will only get still pictures. I hope it tells the story just as well!

The Trees

                                                           This is our main tree in our den.

This is the tree in our living room. I've always had a white tree in the living room but because I use to stick it in front of the window, it discolored over the years. Last year I had to buy a new one. This is the second year using this tree and I'm just not loving it. It's not as full as the other one was. 

This is our Steelers tree in what I guess we would call the man cave. I know its a bad picture but I already took all these photos before I decided to do this post. When I took them my only intention was to text them to my mom... haha. This tree has only Steelers ornaments on it. I love the multi colored lights and wish we could have those lights on out big tree (but that tree is pre-lit).  Our fireplace in this room is also decorated but I did not get a picture of that. 

Sometimes I put up a tree in my bedroom and decorated in purple decorations. This year I just didn't get around to doing it. 

The Fireplace

                                                  Our garland and wreath light up.

 I really need to become a better photographer when it comes to photographing Christmas lights!

Dining Room

The next few pictures are from the shelves from a hutch that I decorate in my dining room.

The three snowmen were actually a hand me down from my MIL and I love them. They've had a home on top of the hutch ever since I got them many years ago. The pink glitter Christmas tree was left over from when I use to decorate my living room in only pink Christmas stuff. I don't decorate with pink anymore so was thinking about getting rid of the tree but thought this was a good place for it instead. Scott says it looks out of place.

 This is an old photo of my grandparents and my collection of Willow Tree angels. The thing hanging above is icicle garland.

As you may notice, I like to group together like doo dads.  Here is my snowman collections. I do believe every one of these snowmen were given to me. Also, that is a picture of my sister and I at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at Disney World  over 10 years ago!  I Still put it up every Christmas!

My Disney Snow Globes. I can't really do much with this shelf because the center snow globe is very tall and it is actually larger than it appears. I love it though and it comes out every Christmas. I think both of them actually play music too!

Across the room is my collection of Santas. All of these where given to me as well.  My Christmas card holders is Mickey heads!

 My table center piece is very simple because we actually use our dining room table and I don't feel like moving things around each time we sit down.  I usually put on a snowflake table cloth but I am retiring it this year because I found a stain on it.

This is Snow Flake Jake (that is the name he came with). He is also from my MIL. He collapses and gets taller.

This is Baylee's Christmas stocking. We normally don't hang it in the dining room but I got rid of the stocking hanger in the other room and this is just where it ended up. I suppose I should move it before Christmas. (The tag on the side of the stocking is actually a storybook about Duffy Bear. If you are a Disney fan, you know who Duffy is!)

I have a smaller hutch on the other side of the room where I put up a Disney Christmas village but after looking at it for 10 minutes I decided that I did not like it there.

Living Room

This is my favorite piece!  I ordered this pillow for myself last December and was excited when it actually showed up before Christmas! The throw blanket is a Disney blanket that my sister got me for Christmas last year.  Can you find the hidden Mickey?

                      Some of my Christmas candles and my favorite Christmas picture.

I have a lot more Christmas decor that I did not photograph because it would take too long. It is really time consuming uploading these photos so you get to see a sampling of the photos that were already on my phone!

We also put lights up and decorate the outside of our house but i already proved to you how challenging it is for me to take good photos of Christmas lights so i will spare you the blurry

One last category to make this a true Friday 5........


 This is my door at work. Some of my language students helped make the snowman.

What's your favorite holiday decoration? Whats your thought on my new decorating tradition? -M

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