Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas week!

Merry Christmas friends!

How did you spend the last week before Christmas? I am happy to say that I wasn't running around like a
crazy women doing last minute things, nope. I actually enjoyed these last few days.

This is how I spent it!

Sunday we had our Family Christmas party to watch the Steelers play. I mean who doesn't combine football with their Christmas? My Pappy is a huge Steelers fan so that's what we do! I'm happy that they play on Christmas again this year! (Notice all the people wearing Steelers shirts (me included) are in the back, yes, they lost)!

The rest of the week went by so fast!

I met up with one of Santa's deer! 

One of my Christmas gifts were tickets to the Jewel holiday concert. This was amazing and a great way to head into the holiday weekend. 

Friday we met our family at our church coffee shop for a Christmas sing along! It was so crowded but fun hanging out with our family! Oh and we learned a new game! 

We went to Christmas eve service at church already today. Usually we go at night but since Christmas eve was on a Sunday they had a special service during the day as well. So I guess we have the rest of the evening to do all the other Christmas eve traditions! 

I hope to get back to the running scene hopefully next week. I've really put running on the back burner these past few weeks so I could savor this holiday season and just relax. I think it's done me well! 

Merry Christmas friends! 

We will be linking up with Holly and Tricia for their weekly wrap! 

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