Friday, December 8, 2017

Merry Fitmas!

Tis the season for holiday shopping and that's just what I've been doing lately, shopping for stuff for the gym that is.

As you know, I teach group fitness classes and do personal training so I felt I needed to update my equipment.

                                                         Here are few things that I bought.

1. This is called a Smart Step.  I bought this for my Body Pump class because we do chest presses on it as well as push-ups off it.

2. This is called a smart bar with the weight set. The weights are 10lb, 5lb, and 2.5lb.  The cool thing about this is that it slides right on and there is no clips.  The other cool thing is that these weights are easy to grip if you want to incorporate them in a workout without using the bar.

3. This is a Smart Band.  It is a resistance band with handles.  Generally the bands with the handles are the "tubes" and they are sometimes hard to use when you are doing moves that require you to step on (or with) the band.   I prefer the flat bands but they don't usually have handles on them. This one is cool because it has both!

4. I also ordered a 10lb Kettle bell.  The lightest Kettle bell I have now at the gym is 17lb and it the moves I am doing with my clients right now require a lighter weight.

5.  I plan to order another Bosu Ball.  The moves on this ball are endless. It makes for a great core workout and I've even taught classes using only the Bosu Ball.

Tell me some moves you you do using any of these pieces of equipment?  L

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