Friday, December 15, 2017

My Top 5 of 2017

Earlier this month I talked about my favorite moment of 2017.  That was my favorite experience hands down, but 2017 was a pretty good year and I had a lot of fun experiences.

Here are my top 5 (Not in "Ranking" order, but in the order they occurred throughout the year). Surprisingly they are not ALL running experiences!

1. I guess it is appropriate that this experience happened in the beginning of the year because it actually is my #1!  If you guessed running the New York City Half Marathon you would be right. I've said plenty about this during the year so that's all I'll say about it now!

2. The Chocolate Spa at Hershey. I visited the spa in conjunction with a race weekend. The race was just meh, but the spa was a fabulous experience!

3. Riviera Maya Mexico.  This was a birthday gift from my mother and we had a fantastic time. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort that was SO beautiful!

4. A week at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge with Scott.  For all the times I've visited Disney, I've never stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Disney is such a great experience to begin with but when you can wake up and see giraffes outside your balcony, it's even better.

5. Baltimore Running Festival with the girls.  My sister and I met up with some blogger friends in Baltimore to do the Marathon and Relay.  This was a fun weekend with the girls and I thought  everything about this race was fantastic. I loved that it was close to home, the weather was perfect, the hotel was in a great location (Thanks Ana), and I wasn't injured (which is the key component to having a great race)!

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed all these "Big" moments, but it's not always the big moments that make a year great.  It's the small moments with family, it's getting good news at the vet's office, it's an afternoon boating or a long walk on the trail when the weather is just perfect.  It's winning an AG at a local race (or running it just for fun).  It's getting a package in the mail from a friend who cares or being invited for a evening out. Life isn't always about looking for happiness, it's about finding happiness in the little every day moments.  -M

What are those moments for you?

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