Wednesday, December 13, 2017

To Ski or not to Ski?

Last weekend A LOT of our friends got snow!  It snowed in the north, it snowed in the South, heck it even snowed in Mexico!  I thought for sure we would get some too, but no snow for us in our little pocket of the state.  All this talk about snow got me thinking of Winter activities.

 As much as summer running can be tough,  I would rather run in the summer when it is hot and humid, rather than running in the cold.  I actually don’t mind running on the treadmill so I do that a lot more in the winter.  It has finally started to get cooler here after having a mild fall and it got me thinking about activities that I would do while I was younger.  Looking back I feel like I was a bit fearless with some things I have done in the past. Of course you don’t think about that during the time.  

 I remember the first time I ever went skiing.  I was in middle school and my friend’s dad took us out of school for the day. They were both pretty experienced at the time. With the help from them and the lesson I took that morning I caught on pretty quickly and ever since then I fell in love with it.  

When I got to High School I was part of the Outdoor club and every weekend we went to a Ski Resort in the Poconos.   One weekend in my early years of skiing my boyfriend came along with some of his friends on the bus trip. He stayed with me for a few rounds down the mountain and then quickly moved on to ride with his friends that were much more experienced than I was.  I didn’t want to hold him back so I let him go and we did our own thing. I remember going down one of the mountains and I hit a mogle at the wrong spot and continued to fall down on the side of my face.  I’m not going to lie and tell you this didn’t hurt. It did very much.  My whole face was scratched up pretty bad and I had a scar on my wrist for the longest time. I knew right then and there if I didn’t pick myself up and go back down the mountain I would be afraid to ever do this again. For something that I really enjoyed doing, I didn’t want to just give it up. I went down a few more times and then called it a night and had some hot chocolate by the fire in the ski lodge while I waited for the time to get back on the bus to leave.   

I didn’t see my boyfriend until we met back on the bus. He started to tell me about all these black diamonds they did and tricks they were doing down the mountain. I finally turned my head and I looked at him. Oh my gosh what happened, he asked.  I told him what had happened and I could tell that he did feel bad about leaving me.  Oh well. The past is the past, I moved on and I continued to ski plenty of years after that. I skied up until I was in college and  a little while after but then I just stopped. Not sure really why, just life. 

This may have been the last time I went skiing (circa 2007-ish)

I have been seeing commercials lately about advertisements of the ski resorts this season and I think to myself will I ever ski again? Whenever I think about skiing, as much as I loved it, I think about how my love grew for some other activities throughout the years, like running.  I ran track in High School, but I was never a big runner. I was a sprinter and honestly never really liked running that much (but my coaches thought I was good, I think that’s why I did it). If you would have told me I would go on to run 15 marathons in the future I would have just laughed at you. That being said, I love running so much more than I did skiing and my biggest fear after taking so many years off is that what if I take another tumble down the mountain and hurt a leg that would prevent me from running? I wouldn’t know what to do with myself.  Not to mention it would affect my work, since I am in the fitness industry. That is not the chance I want to take. So I will remember all those fun times (and not so fun times) but I have no desire to ski again. 

Have you ever fell out of love with something and can’t say you miss it?  -L

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