Monday, January 8, 2018

A Frosty decision

Every February our community hosts an Ice Festival. During this weekend the downtown is filled with ice sculptures and artists, there is a chocolate tour, there are games at the park, and there is a polar plunge, and frosty 5K.


I have seen the ice sculptures before and they are pretty cool (literally) and some of them even light up. I wanted to buy tickets for the chocolate tour last year, but then honestly just got too lazy to go. I did go to the polar plunge a few years back (not to participate but to take photos for the newspaper) and quite frankly I don't understand why anyone would want to do that. I'm sure it probably benefits some cause, but I'd rather just donate a check than take the plunge!  This year I thought I would take part in the Frosty 5K.

I've never done this race before because quite honestly, the name never appealed to me. I mean come on, who wants to run a FROSTY 5K?  But as I looked through my training logs from the past few February's I noticed that the weather has not been that bad. I did many of runs in just a short sleeve shirt.  So why not sign up? 

Now here is what is irritating me.  I first decided I would consider running this back in December. I saw all the details (so I thought) on the Official race web page.   Donuts and hot chocolate at the start, a nice course, turkey subs at the finish, and discounts to all the runners for the other festival activities that day. Sounded like a great race!

However, I noticed that all the race info was still from 2017 and there was no place to register for the 2018 race. I did a little investigating on my own and still could not find an update page to register for the race. Seeing that it is a local race, I thought perhaps registration for 2018 has not yet opened. Maybe they would open it after the new year? Yes, I know that is unlikely that race registration would only be open for one month, but that was the only logical explanation I could come up with as to why I could not find it.

I went back to the website on January 1st and 2nd and it still had not been updated.  I found a contact email for someone in the Rotary club who was sponsoring the race and asked where I could find an updated registration form.  He promptly sent me a link the next day.  The 2017 registration form was linked through  (which most of our local races are) and this new one for 2018 was linked through a different site I had never heard of and quite frankly would have never been able to find had he not sent me the link.  When I opened the link to register I noticed that I not only missed the first price increase, but the second price increase as well.  This frustrates me because I hate paying more than I have to for a local 5K.  What angers me is not the fact that I forgot to sign or or that I missed it, its that the information/registration was not on the proper page.  If they were going to change the registration page, then they should have put that new registration link on the old race web page so people would know where to find it.  Even if you just do a random google search for this race, the 2017 page still comes up.

I guess no use in complaining about this now. I still haven't decided if I want to pay that much for a local 5K or not but I guess I don't have to be in an hurry to decide since the price is the highest it is going to be now (besides on race day).  I'll see how many runs I get to do between now and February!

Any cool runs or festivals near you in Febraury? -M

We will be linking up with the gals from TOTR.

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