Sunday, January 7, 2018

First Week of 2018

                                          Welcome to another edition of the weekly wrap.

This seemed to be a short week, so I actually remembered something from each day (which rarely happens). My friend Rebecca does an end of the month post called "A Sentence a day" which I like, but it would be challenging for me to only use one sentence so I am going to try this format for the week and see how it goes!

Sunday (New Years Eve) - We had plans for over a month to go to a dinner party with some friends but then an hour before we had to cancel. I kind of felt like a jerk for doing so but Scott had been sick all week and did not feel like he could handle being at a fancy restaurant all evening. I completely understood. We did go to a party later that night at my cousins house and it was so nice to see all my family again and play games. We taught my pappy a new card game and he caught on real well! Check out that cool champagne cake my cousin made. It was fabulous!

Monday (New Years Day) - Happy to have another day off work! My sister made us a traditional New Years day dinner of pork, saurkraut, and potatoes. My dad, however slipped and fell out at his pond and had to go to the ER. He came home with three staples in his head. Ouch! 

Tuesday - Back at work but after work we were still busy. I had to finally go for groceries since we've been eating snacks and holiday leftovers for the last week. Then we went to an 85th Birthday party for my Pappy!

Wednesday- I tried to get my iFit for the treadmill and bike up and running again but iFit customer service is less than ideal. I still don't have it running correctly and my subscription is soon going to expire! #Wasteofmoney

Thursday- I stopped at the store to pick up some more fleece lined tights since we are in the middle of this cold snap. I ended up picking up some pumpkin spice popcorn and french vanilla hot chocolate.

Friday - No School. I always have these big ideas of how much stuff  I'm going to get accomplished when I don't have to go to work. The only thing I did was sew a cover for my bench and it literally took me 5 hours and the bench wasn't even that big!  I didn't have a pattern so it was a lot of trial and error! The corners are what gave me the most trouble.

Saturday- We spent the day shopping. When we got home we ended up getting into the tv series "The Good Doctor". Anyone else watch it? We watched the first 3 episodes and are hooked.

And that's a wrap!  I hear we are suppose to get a heat wave this week so perhaps I will try to get outside to run. Depending on how that goes, I may sign up for a race for next month. We'll see. More on that later. -M

We will be linking up with Hohoruns and MissSippiPiddlin for their weekly wrap.

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