Monday, January 1, 2018

My Miles

Starting off the year I didn’t have any specific goals for running. I just wanted to maintain my fitness and love for running and if a PR happens, that’s great. I like to at least get a 100 miles each month, but if it doesn’t happen I don’t beat myself up over it.

I don't keep a running journal so I at least wanted to get these miles down in print (at least for myself anyway). 

January- 107 started off very cold but still managed to get over 100 miles.

February- 156 miles. This was the most mileage I ever ran in one month. I was training for Shamrock marathon this month and remember logging over 60 miles one week. After I did that, I took almost a week off relaxing in Jamaica. I couldn’t believe that I logged that many miles in one month, even with taking almost a week off.

March 103 miles.  With my taper before the marathon and recovering well after the race I was happy to still log just over 100 miles.

April- 148 miles. Honestly I can’t remember what I even did this month so I am surprised I got that many miles in. It must have been just enjoying the Spring temps after the colder months prior.
May- 119 Got some good runs in at the beach as well as the trails before the summer temps started to become a challenge.

June-65 miles. I went to Cancun for almost a week so didn’t do too much running that week. In addition, I received a new position at work during the summer that forced me to work very long hours (10-12) at a time so needless to say running took a back burner.  

July-93 miles. Still crazy at work, and super-hot out, but beat June mileage, so I was happy about that.
August-101 It surely did not get any cooler, but got more into a rhythm with my work and running routines.

September- 119 miles. Can you tell that work slowed down? In addition to that, the temps cooled down as well and I placed first at a 5k race.

October -140 miles. Some nice fall weather temps and two races; a Halloween 10k and the Baltimore Marathon.

November- 127 miles. This was probably one of the best months. Not only was it my Birthday month. I got to do something I really enjoyed on my special day. Run a marathon. I got the best birthday gift ever. A huge PR that will take me to Boston in 2019! In addition, I also started my running streak on Thanksgiving. 

December-141 miles. My Running streak continued. It was a good thing I had a treadmill, because if I didn’t, I do not think my Run Streak would have lasted. There were some very cold days this month and I hate running in the cold so I was very thankful for my treadmill.  The streak wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be. I only had a few days that were a struggle. Two days I wasn’t feeling well. Good thing I had a 5k on of those days (I placed 1st in my Age Group) and the other day I went shopping out of town for the day. I made it home by 11:15 pm. I was going to just call it a night, but there were only three days left of the streak. I thought to myself I made it this far, I need to finish it. So I hopped on the treadmill to get my mile in.

I finished the year off with 1,419 mies. Why didn’t I just do one more mile? I don’t really know.  Regardless, I am very happy with my mileage for the year for not having an actual goal.  I do not have any running related goals for 2018. I just want to run for fun and remain injury free.

What are you goals for 2018? -L

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