Monday, January 15, 2018

My Workout Space

I pretty much have a full functioning home gym at my house, yet for the past few years I have paid to go to a gym. Why?

I guess I needed that motivation and because I've been injured for so long I liked the fact that there was always a physical therapist on hand to check in with me or answer questions.

Then I just stopped going because I wasn't running longer distances and figured I could do whatever strength training I needed to do at home. Except I didn't do any.

I'm hoping that for 2018 I can be more dedicated to using my home gym.  I actually thought that "Showing where you work out" was a topic for TOTR so I prepared this little tour, but then when I went back to look at the topics, I guess I missed it. 

In our gym we have a Bow Flex Revolution that I can probably convert to do more workouts than I even know how to do. We've had this machine for many years but have definitely not taken advantage of it.

My favorite pieces of equipment are the Nordic Track treadmill and bike.  I like these because they are ifit compatible and every workout can potentially be an adventure!

As you can see, my screen on the treadmill is rather small (and the one on the bike is a little bigger but still small), So when I use the iFit maps, I link it to my ipad.  Also, behind this wall is a large screen TV I can also link it up to. Sometimes I will pull the bike out into the other room.

I have smaller pieces of equipment like hand weights, resistance bands, foam rollers, stability ball, etc but they seem to make their way to other rooms in the house.

You may notice that my walls are bare. Most home gyms I've seen are decorated with race medals, bibs, and other running paraphernalia. Mine is not. Scott said I should hang all my medals up to show them off but I already have them all hung up in my dressing room (where really nobody but me can see them, but that's okay). I go in my dressing room every single day and I like seeing them there. Honestly, I do not go into this workout room every day. -M

Do you go to a gym or do you have a workout space at home? If so, how is it decorated?

We will be linking up with the gals from TOTR.

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