Monday, January 22, 2018

Ready to Launch...or not

I have been running in Brooks Launch for over three years now. I don’t know why companies always feel the need to keep changing the make of shoes when the prior model works well. However I have been fortunate to be able to wear each new model that they come out with. I currently have three pairs of Launches, two pairs of the Launch 4s and one pair of the Launch 3s.  

It was just recently that I noticed that I have holes in my newest Brooks. I just bought these shoes in the beginning of Fall and I have not even been wearing them during every run since I have two other pair. I did not know these holes were even there until I didn’t wear black socks with them one day and saw the color of my sock poking out. 

I noticed that my other Brooks Launch 4s have major holes in them as well. Is it the shoe or maybe I need a wide width? I do not remember getting holes in the first few pairs that I had (Launch 1 and 2).  

I then looked at my Brooks 3 which are older than the 4s of course, and the hole is just starting. Could it be the company making a cheaper version of the shoe? I thought the shoe companies are supposed to change the shoes for the better when the newer models come out.   

I was not even thinking about posting about this but I was telling my friend about my problem and he said I should mention this and see if anyone else has had this problem with this particular shoe.  I know I put a lot of miles on my shoes but I still feel like they should be lasting longer than what they do. Is it time to try another brand?  I remember the days when I would run in the same shoe for 8 months straight without swapping out shoes between runs and never had holes in them. Now I am barely making it a few months and I am getting holes on both sides.  Maybe I need to go up a half a size? But I do not feel like these shoes feel tight on me.  Any suggestions?   

Has anyone else been running in Brooks Launch and have had this problem or is it just me? -L

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