Sunday, January 14, 2018

Weekly Wrap Jan 15.....While My Sister Sleeps

I'm excited to share something about my week this week. I finally did my first run of the year, but it was only a Saturday morning run on the treadmill so there was nothing too exciting about that.

However, I did start on something I wanted to do this year.  Previously in the post What Really Happened, I talked about things I wanted to do in 2017 and never did, and one of those things was for my sister and I to read the same books and discuss them. We did one last year but wanted to actually do more than that this year.  Well Monday I went to the library to get a book and by Friday I was finished with it.

The book I chose was While My Sister Sleeps by Barbara Delinsky.  Actually, I ended up picking this book by random. I was looking for another book (by a different author) but it was not there. However, this book was on the same shelf and the title caught my eye. I rarely read the inside of the book to see what it is about, so I usually do judge a book my it's cover (and title).

Turns out, this book was about a RUNNER! Perfect I thought.

I don't want to give too much away about the book in case you might want to read it, but here is the short version of it and my own thoughts.

Of course the book is about two sisters, Robin and Molly. Robin is training for the NYC Marathon and hoping to come in the top 3 female. She is actually hoping to make it to the Olympics.  At only age 32, Robin has a heart attack during a run and collapses. A fellow runner finds her laying on the road and calls for an ambulance to the hospital.

I did not like the mother's attitude in this story. She of course blames the sister, Molly for not being with her sister during the run ( I guess she usually tags along and holds her water), and then the mother starts to blame the fellow runner (a complete stranger) for not running faster and helping Robin sooner.

The sister, Molly, is sort of a head case herself. While her sister is in the hospital, she has to pack up both their belongings (they live together) because the landlord is having construction done on their rental because he is selling it. He gives her a date that she has to be out by (she knew this even before her sister's accident). Yet when the accident happens, she thinks her landlord is being unreasonable for not extending his deadline once again (this is a small part of the story but it really bothered me that Molly would act that way).

Anyone who is seriously into running could probably relate to some of Robins thoughts and secret feelings. I am certainly not into running as much as Robin is but I could relate to some of the running references.  However, I was a little disappointed the author did not let the reader have a stronger connection with Robin. Besides some thoughts on her running, we didn't really get to know Robin as a person (It would have been nice to have some flashbacks of her life up until that point).  I have been known to get very emotional while reading some of my favorite books, but during this one I felt like I was not as invested in Robin and whether she recovered from her accident or not.

If you decided to read this book (which is not a bad read for a runner), I would warn that it kind of drags on in the beginning but does become more interesting at the half way point.

Do you think you will read this book? What other fiction books have you read about runners? -M

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