Sunday, January 21, 2018

Weekly Wrap...Jan 21

                                                           What a great week!

There was no school on Monday but I had to go in and prepare things for the new semester and the new students I would be meeting! It's like the first day of school all over again!

Tuesday we ended up getting out of school early due to snow. Wednesday we had a delayed start and Thursday and Friday were our only full days of school for the week.

I decided that this was the week I was going to get back to my Tuesday and Thursday runs. When I came home on Tuesday I decided I was going to try to connect my iFit again to my treadmill and bike. I had been having trouble with it lately.

I was unsuccessful with using the ifit for the treadmill so I did my run sans map. I was able to do part of a Central Park run that I had downloaded on there last year.  The pace was a little slower than I would have liked but that's okay since I hadn't run in a while. However, the incline started out at 0 and I was told to NEVER run on the treadmill with an incline at 0.  I was about to manually adjust it when it automatically increased.  The pace did increase a little bit and then the incline was all overt he place going from 0 to 4.5.  Yup, that is exactly how I remembered my REAL run in Central Park!

After the run I actually used the Bowflex and did several sets of leg lifts.  I was determined to get this ifit module working, so after much fussing with it, I got it working on the bike.  I chose to do one of the "Snowy" rides.  The ride said it was in Park City Utah.  The first thing I noticed is that it was NOT snowing.

The route actually started at a trailhead near a log cabin.  It was clearly a summer day, not a wintery snowy one like the description said.  I thought maybe that would change so I gave it a try. This route was DIFFICULT. The incline was at 20% the entire time. I kept turning the resistance down but the stinkin bike/computer kept turning it back up. It took all I had to keep pedaling. I did one mile before calling it quits on that route.

The thing with the iFit workout is that you don't get just one route. I chose to do the Snowy route but there are several routes included in that workout. They are all different scenes and different distances.  There were about 12 different routes in this one workout. You are suppose to be able to do them over the course of several days. I wanted to skip the Park City, Utah route since it was tough and clearly not a winter route.  I tried the Breckenridge, CO route (also on this same snowy workout) and although the title came up "Breckenridge, CO, it was the same route I had from Utah! I tried several other workouts and again, they were all the same exact route as the Utah one. Dang, I wanted the snowy route!

 I decided that if I wanted a snowy ride, I was going to have to ditch the ifit and turn my bike to face the window!

Thursday I did the same treadmill and Bowflex workout. I wanted to ride the bike too but I could not get the ifit to work at all so I just said forget it.

Saturday I did my first outside run of the year and it was just glorious!

I think this schedule of three runs a week will work for me through the spring!

And as far as running, that's a wrap! -M

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