Friday, January 5, 2018

What REALLY happened!

On New Years Eve I was browsing some old blog posts from last January to see what I was writing about at that time.  I wrote a post about what I was looking forward to doing/intended to do in 2017.  I thought it would be fun to recap those intentions and let you all know what REALLY happened!

1. Intention- Have a better relationship with my treadmill.
What Really Happened- I bought a subscription to the ifit program on my treadmill. It really is the neatest thing but I only ended up using it a handful of times and didn't use it all after March. I really do prefer running outside. It is a bit of an expense and I certainly didn't get my monies worth out of it in 2017 but I'm thinking of giving it another go round in 2018.

2. Intention- Start a book club with my sister.
What Really Happened - We read one book the entire year and to tell you the truth, it was a book I already read so I actually cheated and listened to it on audio book on my way to and from work. We'll try this again in 2018!

3. Intention- Paint the den.
What Really Happened-  This room is very large with vaulted ceilings. I've painted it twice myself since we lived here so this time I paid a professional to do it. I really wanted it painted blue but couldn't find the right shade so at literally the last minute I panicked and chose a neutral color.  The room turned out to be a success.

4.Intention- Get a Puppy
What Really Happened- Well this was more Scott's intention than it was mine. I just can't bear to bring another dog into the house right now because although it could be a good thing for Baylee, it could also stress her out too. Not to mention things are so easy with Baylee. She listens well, she travels well, and I can take her shopping and stuff. What will happen when I have two dogs? The puppy will always have to stay home because I can not take TWO dogs into Starbucks. That will get us kicked out for sure! But really, I like having all my attention on Baylee. I would feel bad having to divide my time among her and another.

5. Fitness Related

Intention-Run some new to me races.
What Really Happened- I did run 3 new local races ( The Monumental Mile, The Color Run, and the Monster Mash) and several out of town races as well.

Intention- Run some Big City Races.
What Really Happened- Well, I did cross two cities off my list, NYC and Baltimore. I would call this a success!

Intention- I wanted to try doing a bike race. Not to race it, but just to finish.
What Really Happened- Not a darn thing. I rode my bike on the trail a few times and that was it.

What were some things you didn't end up doing?  -M

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