Friday, January 26, 2018

When Fitness Technology Fails

How often does technology effect how, when, where, or how long we workout?  Running and working out in general should be the simplest thing in the world to do, but I think we as a society have made it more complicated by adding all these gadgets.

This was precisely what I was thinking about the other day.

I'll be honest here, there were times where I stopped a run because my Garmin died and I felt that I didn't want to continue if I couldn't record accurate data. 

Before I learned to love running sans music, I would stop a run if my ipod died. Or worse yet, there were times I got to my trail and realized I didn't have my earbuds so I scratched that run.

The first week of the new year I wanted to start wearing my fitbit again to keep my self accountable (since I was on hiatus from running) but I forgot to charge it and missed the first day. Since I missed the first day, I decided I wasn't even going to wear it for the remainder of the week.

And most recently, I wanted to ride my Nordick Track bike but my ifit and google maps was not connecting to it properly, so I got off the bike.

I look at all these examples and realize how motivated I am by the technology that goes along with fitness. I also realize that it should not be this way. I should run whether or not I have music or whether or not I can track my miles or pace. I should try to stay active weather or not I can track those steps and I should want to ride my indoor bike whether or not I can connect to virtual maps.

How has failed technology effected your workouts? -M

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