Friday, January 19, 2018

Why I don't hate winter

Winter officially started on December 21, but to me from December 1 to January 2 is really just Christmas season.  After January 2 is when Winter really begins!  It's easier mentally if you think of it that way.

For the last several years our winters have been pretty mild. There is some cold weather in January, by February it warms up, and then BAM out of no where we usually get that one snow storm in March!

Wouldn't we all love to be in the sunny Caribbean during this time, but why not embrace what we have instead of hating it.  I Love Summer the most, but I've taken a new outlook on winter over the past few years and I've begun not to hate it!  Here's why...

1. When it does snow, it's so pretty and snowy runs make for a memorable run.  I love how my park looks like a winter wonderland after a freshly fallen snow and it's not every day that I get to experience that.  I have not had the pleasure of doing a snowy run in my park yet this year.

Runs that I remember doing in beautiful weather last February! Will we be so lucky to have that weather again this year?

2. As winter goes on, it's like a surprise. You never know what you are going to get. It could be 32 degrees one day and close to 60 the next.

3. I work at a school, so I still sit with anticipation when it snows or ices to see if we will have a delay, cancellation, or early dismissal. Our school is very good at keeping us safe. The slightest chance that there might be snow and we will delay.  You never grow too old to be excited about a delay!

4. I have to admit that winter days are the best days to accomplish very little and not feel guilty. Cuddling with pets, reading books, and browsing aimlessly on Pintrest are all perfectly fine to do during the winter.

5. And of course Winter is kind of like Christmas where you are anticipating the first signs of Spring. You know it's coming and you are very eager!

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