Friday, February 23, 2018

Icon Fitness hit or miss

Icon Fitness is the parent company for Altra shoes, Golds Gym products, NordicTrack, ProForm, Lotus, and several other fitness brands.

I've mentioned a few time about the iFit program that I have been using with my Nordic Track Treadmill and bike. Although I think it is a cool option to have on my equipment, it has been a very frustrating process. I could write several posts on experiences but I will try to keep this to a minimum.

Let me explain.
My equipment has always had the iFit compatibility but I only just subscribed to the service last January (in 2017).

1. Not only do you have to subscribe to the service, you have to purchase a module (that is pretty much a cassette that you have to insert into your treadmill or bike (or tread climber or whatever equipment you have that is compatible). I paid last January for my module and subscription.  The subscription is only good for one year but the module could potential last the life of the equipment.

The first module that I was given would not work properly. They had to send me another one.

2. Anytime I would call customer service, I would be on hold for no less than 30 minutes. Sometimes I've been on hold for over an hour. THIS IS FRUSTRATING. Apparently they need more customer service agents.

3. In addition, very little instructions on how to use the program are posted online. I asked a customer service rep once if I could find instructions online somewhere and he said "There are none, I guess this is my job security..haha"!   This was even more frustrating because of how long I have to wait on the phone to get someone to help.

4. On January 1, 2018, I decided I wanted to start using the ifit module with my TM again (#NewYearsGoals).  It again was NOT working properly.  The customer service department is understandably not open on New Years, so I end up calling them later that week to ask for help again.

That Wednesday (after another long wait), I get a customer service rep on the phone. She tells me that my module must have gone bad and that I need to purchase another one. WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE... I have a subscription to this service for one year (until the end of January 2018), there is NO WAY I am spending that much money on another module if I didn't even get a full year out of the one I have now.  The Customer Service rep tells me that there is only a 90 day warranty on the module. WHAT??? But the subscription is for one year, why would the module only have a 90 day warranty on it? She informs me that most modules last ten years or more.

I call back a week later (and wait on hold for what feels like FOREVER) and this time I want to talk to a supervisor.  Of course the Customer service rep wants to know what I want so I tell her my story.  She comes back and informs me that I need to renew my subscription (I am so frustrated that I don't know that I want to renew, but I do kind of want to try the service again since I didn't feel like I got my monies worth out of it last year). So here's the deal, If I renew my subscription it is going to be "X" amount of dollars. However, if my module is not working than I can buy a new module (that comes with a free subscription for one year) and they will knock $115 off the price.

This almost doesn't even make sense.  I take the deal. So now I just saved $115 off the subscription price and I am getting both the subscription and a new module.  She said I would have the new module in 7 to 10 days.

5.  My  new module was suppose to be here in 7-10 days. After 2 weeks, no module, and I finally decided to look my order up online to track it. I see that it hasn't even been shipped yet. Not only has it not been shipped, but I was charge $5 for a " Delivery Upgrade".   Upgrade???  Why?  Turns out they were out of the modules at the current warehouse. Since I called, they decided to send me a module from a different warehouse. Why not just do that from the beginning?  I got my module a week later.

But, that's not the end of the story. Remember when I said Scott and I spent about 6 hours one weekend trying to set it up?  Yup, turns out that module was broken too.  I called customer service (stayed on hold for 34 minutes, which I know is now par for the course), and she pretty much told me that if the light on the module does not come on, than the module is no good.   She sent another one and in 7 days I had it.

I've only used this new module one time so far but so far it works!

So tell me, how would you handle this situation? Do you think you would continue to subscribe to this program? I am going to see how this year goes and then  decide if I am willing to pay again for a third year. -M

Thank you if you read to the end of this post. We are going to be changing up the Friday 5 soon so stay tuned!

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