Sunday, February 18, 2018

Weekly Wrap.... February 18

Welcome to another edition of the Weekly Wrap! 

Of course the biggest highlight of the week was Valentine's Day. Although I do feel like Valentine's day is a made up holiday just to boost the sale of frivolous items, I do think it's a fun day.  Of course I like that the candy is flowing on this day and you can't really feel guilty for having some!  I love making cards and putting little gifts together for friends and family.  Baylee and I usually make our Valentines but this year we didn't. Maybe next year.

At work on Wednesday we had a catered lunch and it was fabulous! This table is just a sampling of some of the desserts we had.  See those cupcakes in the corner? They were AMAZING! 

When I got home, we had plans to meet friends for a Valentine's dinner. We were suppose to meet this same group of friends on New Year's Eve for a dinner party, but so many of us were sick we decided to re-schedule till Valentine's day.  We had such a good time and didn't end up leaving the place till  10 pm, that's late for me on a school night! Heck, who am I kidding, that's late for me any

One of my holiday headbands from Race Day Headbands.
Even though there were a lot of treats consumed this week, I am really proud of the workouts I did.
I did Treadmill runs on Monday and Tuesday and an outdoor run on Thursday because it was so warm and then another treadmill run on Saturday.

I say this was a good week for me because I not only got in an extra run this week, but my legs were SO sore!  They weren't sore from pain or anything, but from stretching and strength training. I've really been doing more leg exercises and weight lifting lately. I'm not over doing it, but doing enough just to feel the burn!   -M

Do you acknowledge Valentine's day?  Did you add anything to your workout routine this week?

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