Sunday, February 4, 2018

Weekly Wrap....Chocolate Tour

This weekend was our community's Ice festival.  The Ice Festival consisted of the Frosty 5K, games in the park, ice sculptures, the Polar Plunge, the Chocolate Tours, and the Chocolate Banquet.  I heard later that the Polar Plunge was cancelled (Rightfully so, even though it is for charity, I find it ridiculous that an organization would put volunteers at risk for this in freezing water in February. I definitely think they made a good call. Polar Plunges should be banned!).

I was debating on running the Frosty 5K. I was bummed that I missed the price increase deadline (because I could not find the updated web page to register), so I decided if the organization could not produce clear communication for the race that I was not going to pay extra to run it.  I realized that I did want to run and that I was just being stubborn, so I thought about it some more and did some weather stalking for that date. Turns out, we were suppose to get freezing rain the morning of the race. That solidified my decision to not run.  However, I knew that I wanted to participate in the Chocolate Tour and the other festivities later in the day. We never got any freezing rain although I'm sure the morning was colder than what I would have liked but the sun was out in the afternoon and it was a perfect day for walking in town.

My sister and I, and our friends K,  all met on the third floor of the Barnes and Nobel book store to purchase our tickets for the Chocolate Tour. We got a lanyard with a punch card on it, a bottle of water, and a small goodie bag. We asked what the bag was for and we were told that it was to put some treats in along the way. We assumed that we would just be eating the treats at each stop and would not need the bag. Turns out, we had so many treats that we could have used a larger bag!

There were 15 or so stops along the tour that had some sort of chocolate concoction.  There were chocolate truffles, chocolate bagels, lots of chocolate bark, and other various chocolate treats. There was even chocolate wine at one of the stops.

                               Here are some of the many ice sculptures along the route.

Of course we couldn't go to an ice festival and not stop and visit Olaf.

We had ate quite a bit of chocolate already while on the tour, but we all had twice as much that we did not eat and got to bring home with us. This was my stash.  After the tour we all went back to our friend K's house and had coffee, shared our treats, and played games.

You would think that after eating all the chocolate (and I didn't eat all my stash yet), that I would have had some great workouts this weekend, but I didn't.  I did my two treadmill runs earlier this week and planned to do an outside run on Saturday since it was nice but I did not plan very well.

  I was planning on getting up this morning and running at the park but when I woke up, there was already snow on the ground (I didn't think it was coming till this evening).  I can not get into the habit of skipping runs so I'll call it another treadmill day. I'm getting pretty use to this (not usually because of the weather, but by choice). I'm finding TM runs to be pretty darn convenient although not as satisfying!

                                After the run it will be time to put on the Chili for the big game!

 So glad to be cheering on a local East Coast team!  Fly Eagles Fly!  At the grocery store last night they had really cute Eagles cupcakes that I wanted to get for the game but after having all the chocolate the day before I thought better of the decision to buy them!

Any cool festivals near you?  Will you be watching the game? -M

                       We will be linking up with Holly and Wendy for their weekly wrap.

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