Sunday, February 11, 2018

Weekly Wrap....Feb 11

Wow, what a week it has been!

Since it was the first week in February, I got out my Valentines decor.  I have a Labrador flag for every season but could not find one I liked for Valentines day, so I ordered this  (I Love My Dog) flag, and I think it matches. Plus I can keep it out longer that February if I want to!

I was excited that we got some snow here on Sunday afternoon, but by the time the Super bowl had started, the snow had stopped and the plow had come through.  I had no reason to believe that we would have a two hour delay on Monday Morning, but we did. Imagine my disappointed when I pulled into the parking lot and no other cars were there! I was literally bummed and to be honest a little angry. I hate that I not only missed an opportunity to sleep in, but also spend the extra time with my girl Baylee.  I thought for sure I had missed my last opportunity to sleep in on a school day.  I had all my work completed on Friday, so what did I do for two hours?

                                                                   I started a new book!
(Rushing Waters is a fictional story about Hurricane Ophelia that destroys lower Manhatten.)

Luckily, the weather Gods gave me another opportunity to sleep in on Tuesday with another 2 hour delay. I did not see this coming, but I got the memo this time!  Wednesday, work was cancelled altogether, and Thursday was another two hour delay!  Friday was the only day this week we had a full day of work. Not a bad start to the first full week in February!

I only got two runs in this week opposed to the three I had been shooting for. On Sunday I did a very substantial treadmill run before before the Super bowl festivities started.

 On Tuesday, I had a really great outdoor run through town. We heard there was going to be some snow coming on Wednesday, so running on Tuesday afternoon/evening felt like it was the calm before the storm. When I got home from my run on Tuesday, I had got the text that school would be cancelled the next day!

  Our snow day fun on Wednesday. Doesn't everyone build a snow dog?

The rest of the week I had wanted to run outside because even though there was snow on the ground, it was actually warm outside.  I was just worried because I could not find a safe enough route that was completely free of snow and pieces of ice. You know I'm a path and sidewalk runner and don't like running on the roads and dealing with cars.

Finally by Saturday, I decided I was just going to stay indoors ( call it laziness) and run on the treadmill. I had received my new  iFit module on Thursday and tried hooking it up then but got frustrated so figured I would try again on Saturday with Scott's help.  We literally spent all of Saturday afternoon AND evening trying to connect the iFit to the treadmill and the bike. It's not working. This process has been so frustrating and made me feel like I wasted an entire day. Yes, I know that I can run on the TM with out the iFit but I was so determined to get it working that I just became frustrated and threw in the towel. We will be calling customer service on Monday after work.

(The Apartment is about four gals who share a loft in NYC and the different paths their lives take them)

With all the time off this week, I did finish the Rushing Waters book, and even started a new one and finished that too. At least I feel like I've accomplished something this weekend!  So far this year, I've completed 5 books!

I do feel bad though because 3 out of the 5 books have been e-books that I've down loaded from my library. I know the difficulties Libraries have these days with getting enough funding to stay open and for buying books. Even our school library is losing books and becoming more of a technology center. I hate that libraries are losing books but now I feel like I am part of the problem!  I have always been a "real" book person but downloading e-books on the iPad is SO convenient!

Because I read a lot of books by the same author, I've put them on a Pinterest board so I can keep track of them, If you like to read too, feel free to check out my board called "Books Worth Reading".   Let me know if you have a book board too.  Do you prefer e-books or real books? -M

We will be linking up with Holly and Wendy for their Weekly Wrap!

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