Friday, March 2, 2018

Extreme Weather Runs

March weather can be so unpredictable.  Kind of reminds me of running races.  No matter how much you prepare, anything unexpected can happen. And the thing we have the least control over is the weather.

We've experience some unexpected weather throughout the years.

When we ran Las Vegas a few years back, I expected to have a pleasantly warm run through the desert among some palm trees. Instead, I will remember this as the coldest race I've ever run. Turns out they were having an unexpected freeze at that time.

A very bundled up Snow White and Pocahontas

Another unexpected cold race was in Florida. That is the LAST place I would have expected to be running one of my coldest races. Turns out the theme of the race was "Frozen". Proof that Mother Nature has a very good sense of humor.

The wettest race I've ever run was The 2016 April Fools race in Atlantic City. This was the first time I've ever run an entire race in the rain. I love this race and running the entire thing on the boardwalk so the rain didn't really bother me while I was running, but it spoiled the post race party because the rain was pretty cold once we were standing still.

The hottest, most humid race hands down is our local 4th of July race. I will complain about how hot and humid this race is every year but truth be told, I look forward to it and will probably run it again this year. I now know that it's not one to be "raced".

During the Shamrock Marathon Lacey was lucky enough to experience ALL kinds of weather on that 26.2 mile journey. There was extreme wind, rain, sleet, and even snow!  The weather for this race has always been terrible. I suppose that is why she says she has no desire to run it again!

And although not during a race, I found my self running through a tornado warning last spring.  Of course I didn't know this at the time. I started my run on the island and as I entered the woods, those tree branches were blowing like nobody's business!  It actually was a little eerie.  As I ran by the water I saw all the waves and the white caps. Thank goodness I was listening to the radio and not my playlist because that is when I heard the tornado warning. Needless to say I finished two miles and got out of there!

What extreme race weather have you experienced?

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