Sunday, March 25, 2018

Hello L.A.....Weekly Wrap

Last weekend I ran my 17th Marathon. It was the LA Marathon and a very quick trip. Usually I am running  the Shamrock marathon on this weekend and it's always so cold and windy. So, when I had the opportunity to run LA I decided it would be a great time to leave the East coast and enjoy some warmer weather and sunshine!

I arrived in LA after taking a very early flight and called an Uber to take me to the Convention Center where I was going to help my friend at the Expo. The Uber called me and told me he was up a few terminals from where I was so I told him I’d be there in a few minutes. When I arrived I saw two people getting in my Uber, so I raced to get to the car right before he pulled away. He asked if I was Lacey and I said yes. Those two said sorry we almost took your Uber!

I arrived at the expo and I have to say for being such a big marathon I was a bit underwhelmed by it. It wasn’t any bigger than any other expo. 

Most of the booths I have seen before. However there were a few booths that were new to me. One was Normatec. 

They were leg booties that were supposed to refresh your legs after a tough workout. They were super expensive at around 1,400. The guy at the booth said that they are used in some training rooms for NFL players. They  said they normally do not go to Marathon Expos but rather Ironman Expos because those athletes supposedly have more of a disposal income. Well they would have to with that price!  I didn’t really care for these. For the price of them you would think they would be amazing. Heck I like my foot massager I own much better and it was much less. The booties just inflated a bit. At least my massage actually squeezes.  

I tried another massage product out. I don’t remember what the name of it was but it was an electric massager. The pressure was pretty good and had several settings. It sounded like an electric mixer when it was getting used. I liked it, but I do not think I would like doing it on myself. 

My favorite product that I tried out was the Buff. They were actually located across from our booth and they were nice enough to let me take one that evening to use in my hotel room. They knew I would be back tomorrow to work the booth again, so they didn’t mind. It was lovely! 

After not eating all day we were starving so we stopped and got dinner at a nice bar and grill right next to the LA Lakers stadium. It was a home game so it was very busy in there but it was a fun atmosphere.

 I got the spinach and shrimp salad with fried capers and a remoulade dressing. It was delicious!

Afterwards we finally checked in at our hotel. It was a beautiful hotel at the Westin Bonaventure. 

This hotel was in many movies back in the 80s and 90s and the “It” place back in the day. There were many restaurants still in the hotel and even a rooftop bar. It was in a great location too since it was only about a mile away from the Expo. The next day I had to meet my friend at the Expo at a certain time because he had a meeting to attend to and I had to watch the booth. 

While I was walking to the expo, I realized I forgot something back at the hotel. While I was walking back I got a bit warm and wanted to take my jacket off. While I was doing that, my hydroflask slipped out of my hand and fell right on my ankle….ouch! Of course it was a full so it was extra heavy.

 I had a feeling it was going to swell up and I needed to put ice on it. Why do things like this happen right before race day?

After working another full day at the expo we headed back to the hotel and just grabbed dinner at a restaurant inside the hotel.

 I decided on a turkey burger with fries. It was the perfect prerace dinner. Then it was time to get ready for my race and to get a good night’s sleep. Stay tuned for my race recap to come!   -L

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