Friday, March 9, 2018

Oldie but a Goodie!

Can you believe that this month marks five years that we've been authoring this blog?  Who knew that on a random Saturday in March publishing one little blog post could enhance our lives so much?

  And Enhance our lives it did!

Because of our blog we have been exposed to so much more than we ever would have without it.

Throughout the years we've learned so much more about running, blogging, and social media, and have formed relationships that have turned into real life friendships! The list is long.

However, over the years our readership has changed. I would never expect anyone to have read every post we ever published, but there were a few in the beginning that I know didn't get much exposure, because who knew we even had a blog?

We will call these Oldies but Goodies worth the read.

1. Where it all began - This was seriously our first post ever! It actually explains what got us into running in the first place.

2. Lacey's First Marathon -  This was like a three day event and I loved everything about this entire experience.

3. The Boston Marathon Weekend -Triumph and Tragedy

4. When our Labrador visited her favorite amusement park - A must read for pet lovers!

5. Visiting the Running Headquarters-  What a great experience this was!

Have you read any of these posts?
Please tell us what early blog posts of yours we should go back and read! 

Have you seen the March topics for the Friday 5? Check them out HERE. Then stay tuned for what we have in store for April!

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