Sunday, March 11, 2018

Weekly Wrap...Does Accuracy count?

I’m sure most of you run with a Garmin or other workout tracking device. But how accurate are they?  I am in training for an upcoming marathon (I know I haven’t said much about it) and have been upping my mileage the last few weeks.

Last week between the rain showers I was able to do two back to back long runs. I did 14 miles on Tuesday and my Garmin said I burned 813 calories. The following day I ran 13 miles and my Garmin said I burned 1,163 calories. I will say that day was a bit warmer than the day before, could that be the reason?

 My heart rate was raised more during the run. Even so, it doesn’t sound like it would be that much of a difference. Needless to say my calves were so tight after these runs so I booked a massage the following day.

I have been going to this local massage school. I told her my calves were super tight and to please spend much time on them. I wish she could have spent more on them, but before you know it my hour had past. Why are Massages always the quickest hour? Well she was super sweet and said I do not have any clients next so I can spend some time on your quads…yes please! She did an extra ten minutes and it was lovely. I thanked her again and gave her a big tip. She said not a problem, I like doing runner’s legs.  I’ll have to remember her next time when I book an appointment.

The next few days I enjoyed some recovery while it was rainy outside. Once the rain had stopped I was anxious to get back out there with fresh legs.

 I did 5.5 miles on Sunday (just before it started raining again) and burned 419 calories. It wasn’t too cold out, it was probably in the 40s.  The following day I ran 8 miles and burned 690 calories. It was in the low 50s. I knew the next day was going to be warmer than that day so I was planning on another long run. I decided to do 10 miles. It always makes me feel a sense of accomplishment after runs, especially double digit runs. How many sour patch kids can I have or Girl Scout cookies today?  #Motivation.

I arrived home and synced my Garmin to my phone and I saw I only burned 404 calories. What the heck? The temperature was in the high 50s as well. I thought for sure that this was not accurate. How could this be? I know that I am not burning the average 100 calories per miles but surely I burned more than 400 calories on that long of a run. I thought maybe my Garmin needs updated, but it does do weekly updates so I don’t know what the deal is. Does anyone else feel like their Garmin or other device not as accurate? -L

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